Wi-Fi problems in Windows 10: network without internet access

how to fix - no internet access Good day.

Errors, crashes, unstable work of programs – where can we do without all this ?! Windows 10, no matter how modern it is, is also not immune from all sorts of mistakes. In this article, I want to touch on the topic of Wi-Fi networks, namely the specific error 'Network without Internet access' ( 2015-09-02 08_57_03-2015-09-01 20_56_45-network problem icon – there is a yellow exclamation mark on the icon). Moreover, an error of this kind in the OS Windows 10 occurs quite often …

A year and a half ago, I wrote a similar article, however, it is currently somewhat outdated (it does not cover network configuration in Windows 10). I will arrange problems with the Wi-Fi network and their solutions in the order of their frequency of occurrence – first the most popular, then all the others (so to speak, from personal experience) …

Most popular reasons for 'No Internet access' error

A typical error is shown in Fig. 1. It can arise for a large number of reasons (in one article you can hardly consider all of them). But in most cases, you can fix this error quickly and on your own. By the way, despite the obvious obviousness of some of the reasons below in the article – they are in most cases a stumbling block …

Figure:  1. Network without Internet access

Figure: 1. Windows 1o: 'Autoto – Network without internet access'

1. Failure, network or router error

If your Wi-Fi network was working normally, and then the Internet suddenly disappeared, then most likely the reason is trivial: an error simply occurred and the router (Windows 10) dropped the connection.

For example, when (a few years ago) I had a 'weak' router at home, then during intensive downloading of information, when the download speed went beyond 3 Mb / s, it broke connections and a similar error appeared. After replacing the router, a similar error (for this reason) no longer occurred!

Solution options:

  • reboot the router (the easiest option is to simply unplug the power cable, reconnect it after a few seconds). In most cases – Windows will re-establish the connection and everything will work;
  • to restart a computer;
  • reconnect the network connection at Windows 10 (see fig. 2).

Figure:  2.

Figure: 2. In Windows 10, reconnecting the connection is very simple: just click on its icon twice with the left mouse button …

2. Problems with the 'internet' cable

For most users, the router lies somewhere in the farthest corner and for months no one even wipes the dust from it (I have the same :)). But sometimes it happens that the contact between the router and the Internet cable can 'come off' – well, for example, someone accidentally touched the Internet cable (and did not attach any importance to this).

Figure:  3. Typical picture of router operation ...

Figure: 3. A typical picture of a router …

In any case, I recommend that you immediately check this option. You also need to check the operation of other devices via Wi-Fi: phone, TV, tablet (etc.) – these devices also do not have the Internet, or do they?! Thus, the sooner the source of the question (problem) is found – the faster it will be resolved!

3. The provider ran out of money

No matter how trite it may sound, but often the reason for the lack of the Internet is associated with the blocking of access to the network by the Internet provider.

I remember the times (7-8 years ago) when unlimited Internet tariffs had just begun to appear, and the provider daily debited a certain amount of money, depending on the chosen tariff for a specific day (there was such a thing, and, probably, in some cities there are now) . And, sometimes, when he forgot to put money in, the Internet simply turned off at 12:00, and a similar error appeared (though there was no Windows 10 then, and the error was interpreted somewhat differently …).

Summary: check Internet access from other devices, check account balance.

4. Problem with MAC address

Again, referring to the provider?

Some providers, when you connect to the Internet, remember the MAC address of your network card (for added security). And if your MAC address has changed, you will not get access to the Internet, it is blocked automatically (by the way, some providers have even encountered errors that appear in this case: i.e. the browser redirected you to a page that said that there was changed MAC address, and please contact your ISP …).

When installing a router (or replacing it, replacing a network card, etc.), your MAC address will change! There are two solutions to the problem: either register your new MAC address with the provider (often a simple SMS is enough), or clone the MAC address of your old network card (router).

By the way, almost all modern routers can clone a MAC address. Link to feature article below.

How to replace the MAC address in the router: https://pcpro100.info/kak-pomenyat-mac-adres-v-routere-klonirovanie-emulyator-mac/

Figure:  4. TP link - the ability to clone an address.

Figure: 4. TP-link – the ability to clone an address.

5. Problem with the adapter, with the network connection settings

If the router works fine (for example, other devices can connect to it and they have the Internet), then the problem is 99% in the settings Windows.

What can be done?

1) Very often, simply disabling and enabling the Wi-Fi adapter helps. This is done quite simply. First, right-click on the network icon (next to the clock) and go to the network control center.

Figure:  4. Network Control Center

Figure: 5. Network Control Center

Then, in the left column, select the link 'Change adapter settings' and disable the wireless adapter (see Fig. 6). Then turn it back on.

2015-09-02 10_24_17-adapter disconnection

Figure: 6. Disconnecting the adapter

As a rule, after such a 'reset', if there were any errors with the network, they disappear and Wi-Fi starts working again in normal mode …

2) If the error still persists, I recommend going into the adapter settings and checking if there are any erroneous IP addresses (which may not exist in your network in principle :)).

To go to the properties of your network adapter – just right-click on it (see Fig. 7).

2015-09-02 10_44_27-Network connection properties

Figure: 7. Network connection properties

Then you need to go to the properties of IP version 4 (TCP / IPv4) and put two pointers to:

  1. Obtain an IP address automatically;
  2. Obtain DNS server addresses automatically (see Figure 8).

Then save the settings and restart your computer.

Figure:  8. Obtain an IP address automatically.

Figure: 8. Obtain an IP address automatically.


This concludes the article. Good job everyone?

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