Why you shouldn't pay extra for a smartphone with a Quad HD display

Choosing a smartphone today is no longer as easy as it was many years ago. One of the important parameters that a potential buyer pays attention to is permission. Although, it would seem, what is difficult here: the more, the better. Let's find out if this is so. Is it worth paying for the Quad HD space resolution?

Why you shouldn't pay extra for a smartphone with a Quad HD display

CPU load

The processor load increases with increasing resolution. If the processor is weak, then it will not cope with Quad HD, respectively, the speed of updating the visual range will decrease. In this respect Full HD will be better, because a weak processor will work more stable with it.

Battery discharge

Large resolution is resource intensive. The load on the processor drains the battery faster. Therefore, the device charge will rapidly decrease in models with Quad HD. If it is more important for you to save energy, these models are not for you.

High price

Why you shouldn't pay extra for a smartphone with a Quad HD display

Quad HD models are significantly more expensive. If you find a model with this parameter at an attractive price, don't be tempted. Buying a smartphone with such a resolution can be considered successful only when, in addition, the phone has a powerful battery, a processor and a diagonal of at least 6 inches. And such models cannot cost less than $ 1000.

Human eyes have their limits

In the pursuit of excellence, manufacturers often forget that they are making their products for people. The main thing for the buyer in this situation is to be reasonable. Think: is this or that function or modification really necessary?

In terms of resolution, Full HD and Quad HD for the human eye are almost the same. And if the diagonal of the smartphone is small (5 inches or less), then there is no difference. A smartphone must have a large display in order to maintain the desired pixels per inch.

Low content online

Before running to the store for a brand new and improved phone, take a look at the content you most often watch. If you use your phone to watch movies, you have already noticed that the maximum resolution of the player is Full HD. The standard YouTube video also does not exceed Full HD.

It is important to pay attention to this also because Quad HD gadgets cannot display content in 4K and 1080p with proportional and equal increase or decrease. The image will be blurry. That is, high resolution does not guarantee that all videos will be perfect, on-screen.

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