Why working at someone else's computer you need to use anonymous browser mode

Incognito mode, also known as private or anonymous, is the name of the mode of operation of different browsers, in which the browsing history is not saved, that is, in this mode you cannot see the browsing history.

This mode is convenient for the average user for several reasons.

Why working at someone else's computer you need to use anonymous browser mode

There is no history of requests and visits

In normal browser operation, all websites you open, products viewed, visits to personal pages on social networks are 'remembered'. The browser saves a history of all your actions, and then uses it to offer you ads that are relevant to you for goods and services that you have recently been interested in. The browser also uses this information to help you search the web by suggesting the most likely query based on the first letters you enter.

If several people use the computer, the history of visits of each of them will be available for viewing. By the advertising that a person will receive when they go online, one can guess what the previous user was interested in. In other words, if you were picking up a gift for your significant other, the other user will be offered an advertisement for these products upon entering, and there will be no surprise.

Thus, if you open the browser in incognito mode, you will make your actions invisible to other users of this computer. In this format, it automatically exits open tabs without saving names and addresses in history. Therefore, you can not leave each resource forcibly, but simply close the browser, and no one will know what you were doing on the network. Also, temporary files that accumulate in memory over time are not saved.

Why working at someone else's computer you need to use anonymous browser mode

Location not determined

This data is usually used by fraudsters to collect information about a person: where it often happens when not at home.

In incognito mode, sites will not bother you with advertisements for goods and services nearby, however, ordering pizza from the nearest restaurant will be more difficult, because you will have to search for it yourself on the map.

The browser does not remember passwords and logins

For the safety of personal data, it is important that no one can find out the passwords and logins that you use. In anonymous mode, autofill does not work when you log into your account. The computer does not remember passwords and logins from sites and social networks. Each time you will have to enter information to get into your account, but this way it will be protected from unauthorized access.

If you use the usual method, the browser remembers the data and on the next login offers the options entered earlier. Or simply leaves the account open. This can be taken advantage of by another PC user.

Remember that even using anonymous mode, it is impossible to remain completely unnoticed on the network. Therefore, you need to regularly change passwords from accounts and personal accounts.

Extensions are disabled by default

Another important property of anonymous mode is to disable browser extensions by default.

In incognito mode, all additional installed browser extensions are disabled. You can go to sites that do not allow ad blockers to open normally. At the same time, the page loading speed increases, which is also sometimes necessary.

Disabling extensions is useful for keeping information on your computer safe. Whoever you give it to will not know which extensions are actually installed.

You can enable the necessary add-ons in private mode by opening the menu and allowing the work of those that are now needed.

If you do not want to leave information about yourself on 'public' computers, log out of all accounts and use the anonymous browser mode.

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