Why the phone on Android doesn't need an antivirus

Many people think that Android – a smartphone simply needs an antivirus. This opinion was formed due to the relative openness of the operating system in comparison with IOS. From time to time, malware appears among third-party applications, and attempts to modernize the system lead to the scrapping of the device. Therefore, many decided that the antivirus program in this case will prevent all problems, but in reality everything is not so simple.

Why the phone on Android doesn't need an antivirus

How viruses 'live' in the OS Android

Before you understand if there are any viruses for Android at all, you need to understand what it is. Not every malware is a malware, because a virus is characterized by:

  • the ability to be embedded in the system code;
  • self-replicate and infect other devices.

The main purpose of such programs is to delete files and even the operating system. On Android this is basically impossible: it has a set of built-in protective mechanisms that make the existence and spread of viruses impossible for it by 100 percent.

Despite the fact that there are no viruses for Android, malicious files for this operating system still exist. However, in order for them to cause harm, you must allow them to perform various actions on behalf of the user. This is done manually, so no antivirus program will protect you from a Trojan that you have opened access to background data transfer and the file system.

Google play protect

Why the phone on Android doesn't need an antivirus

Google Play Protect is built-in protection that keeps your device secure and keeps your data safe. It comes with all devices Android that support Google services.

For the safety of the average user, it is quite enough. For example, it periodically scans the Play Store, warns you if any installed application suddenly starts performing inappropriate actions, and blocks dangerous pop-up windows in the browser.

Built-in antivirus for banking applications

Why the phone on Android doesn't need an antivirus

If you still do not trust Google Play Protect and are worried about the safety of your data, then know that most banking and payment applications have built-in protection. They will prevent malware from gaining access to your account, even if Protect suddenly failed. Not a single Trojan that scans the screen taps and tries to steal the password to access the bank card will go unnoticed.

Forget about some third-party antivirus software, but don't forget to keep your system and installed apps up to date: updates often contain the latest security protocols that make your smartphone safer and less vulnerable to attackers.

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