Why the mouse does not wake up the laptop (computer) from standby mode

mouse-not-wake-up-pc Hello.

Many users fell in love with one of the computer shutdown modes – standby mode (allows you to quickly turn off and turn on the PC in 2-3 seconds). But there is one caveat: some do not like that the laptop (for example) needs to be woken up by the power button, and the mouse does not allow this; other users, on the contrary, ask to turn off the mouse, since there is a cat in the house and when it accidentally touches the mouse, the computer wakes up and starts working.

In this article, I want to touch on this question: how to let the mouse wake (or not wake) the computer from sleep mode. This is all done identically, so I will touch on both issues at once. So…

1. Setting up the mouse in the control panel Windows

In most cases, the problem with enabling / disabling wake-up on mouse movement (or click) is set in the parameters settings Windows. To change them, go to the following address: Control Panel \ Hardware and Sound. Next, open the 'Mouse' tab (see screenshot below).

2016-06-04 08_05_44-mouse

Then you need to open the 'Hardware' tab, then select the mouse or touchpad (in my case, the mouse is connected to the laptop, which is why I chose it) and go to its properties (screen below).

2016-06-04 08_10_18-Properties_ Mouse

After that, in the 'General' tab (it opens by default), you need to click the 'Change parameters' button (the button at the bottom of the window, see the screenshot below).

2016-06-04 08_10_47-Properties_ HID-compliant Optical Wheel Mouse

Next, open the 'Power Management' tab: it will contain the cherished checkmark:

– Allow this device to wake up the computer.

If you want the PC to wake up with the mouse: then check the box, if not, remove it. Then save the settings.

2016-06-04 08_11_27-mouse power management

Actually, in most cases you don't need to do anything else: now the mouse will wake up (or not wake up) your PC. By the way, to fine-tune the standby mode (and indeed, the power supply parameters), I recommend going to the section: Control Panel \ Hardware and Sound \ Power Supply \ Change the circuit parameters and change the parameters of the current power circuit (screen below).

2016-06-04 08_26_10-Power supply

2. Setting up the mouse operation in B IOS

In some cases (especially in laptops), changing the checkmark in the mouse settings does not give anything at all! That is, for example, if you checked the box allowing you to wake up the computer from standby mode, it still does not wake up …

In these cases, it is possible that an additional option in B IOS is to blame, which limits this possibility. For example, this is the case in some Dell laptops (as well as HP, Acer).

So, let's try to disable (or enable) this option, which is responsible for waking up the laptop.

1. First you need to log into B IOS.

This is done simply: when you turn on the laptop, immediately press the button to enter the settings B IOS (usually the Del or F2 button). In general, I have a whole separate blog article devoted to this: https://pcpro100.info/kak-voyti-v-bios-klavishi-vhoda/ (there you will find buttons for different device manufacturers).

2. Advanced tab.

Then, in the Advanced tab, look for 'anything' with the word 'USB WAKE' (i.e. wake up associated with the USB port). The screenshot below shows this option on a Dell laptop. If you enable this option (switch to Enabled mode) 'USB WAKE SUPPORT' – then the laptop will 'wake up' by clicking the mouse connected to the USB port.

2016-06-04 08_37_52-wakeup settings in BIOS

3. After making changes to the settings, save them and restart the laptop. After that, he should start to awaken as you need …

That's all for me, for the additions on the topic of the article – thanks in advance. Good luck!

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