Why the installation of third-party extensions on Google will be prohibited

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The Chrome browser is one of the most popular tools around the world for surfing the Internet. Its developers have recently noticed that all users can be in serious danger, so very soon Google will prohibit the installation of extensions from third-party sites.

Why third party extensions will be banned

Chrome in terms of its functionality out of the box is slightly inferior to the Mozilla Firefox browser and other Internet browsers. Therefore, users are forced to install extensions for ease of use.

Until now, Google allowed downloading such add-ons from any unverified sources, although the browser developers have their own safe store specifically for this. But according to statistics, about 2/3 of extensions from the network contain malware, viruses and Trojans.

That is why it will now be prohibited to download extensions from third-party sources. Users may experience inconvenience, but their personal data is 99% likely to remain safe.

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What should users do, are there any alternatives

Of course, Google gave developers some time to port the apps. The rules are as follows: all extensions that were posted on third-party resources before June 12 inclusive are allowed to download.

All those that appeared after this date cannot be downloaded from the site. Google will automatically redirect the user from the Internet pages to the corresponding page of the official store and start downloading there.

From September 12, the ability to download extensions that appeared before June 12 from third-party sources will also be canceled. And in early December, when the new version of Chrome 71 appears, the ability to install the extension from any source other than the official store will be removed. Add-ons that are missing there cannot be installed.

Chrome developers very often find various malicious browser extensions. Now Google has taken this problem seriously and presented a solution.

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