Why is Kaspersky not installed?

kaspersky is not deleted It's no secret that one of the most popular antiviruses today is Kaspersky antivirus. By the way, I already mentioned this when I put it on the list of the best antiviruses of 2014.

Very often they ask questions why Kaspersky is not installed, errors occur, because of which you have to choose a different antivirus. In the article I would like to go through the main reasons and their solution …

1) The previous Kaspersky Anti-Virus was removed incorrectly

This is the most common mistake. Some don't uninstall the previous antivirus at all while trying to install a new one. As a result, the program crashes with an error. But, by the way, in this case, it is usually always reported in an error that you have not removed the previous antivirus. I recommend that you first go to the control panel, and then open the tab for uninstalling programs. Sort alphabetically and see if there are any installed antiviruses, and Kaspersky among them in particular. By the way, you need to check not only the Russian name, but also the English one.

2014-04-14 08_11_27-Programs and components

If there is no installed program, and Kaspersky is still not installed, there may be erroneous data in your registry. To completely remove them, you need to download a special utility to remove the antivirus completely from your PC. To do this, follow this link.

Next, run the utility, by default, it will automatically determine which version of the antivirus you had installed earlier – you just have to press the delete button (I will not count the input of several characters).

2014-04-14 07_56_04-Kaspersky Lab Products Remover ver 1.0.625

By the way, the utility may need to be run in safe mode if it refuses to work normally or fails to clean the system.

2) The system already has an antivirus

This is the second possible reason. The creators of antiviruses intentionally prohibit users from installing two antiviruses. in this case, errors and lags cannot be avoided. If you do this, the computer will start to slow down, and even a blue screen may appear.

To fix this error, simply remove all other antiviruses + security programs that can also be attributed to this category of programs.

3) Forgot to restart …

If you forgot to restart your computer after cleaning and running the antivirus removal utility, it is not surprising that it is not installed.

The solution here is simple – press the Reset button on the system unit.

4) Error in the installer (installer file).

Sometimes it happens. It is possible that you downloaded the file from an unknown source, which means it is not known whether it is working. Perhaps it is corrupted by viruses.

I recommend downloading antivirus from the official website: http://www.kaspersky.ru/

5) Incompatibility with the system.

This error occurs if you install a too new antivirus on a too old system, or vice versa – too old antivirus on a new system. Look carefully at the system requirements of the installer file to avoid conflicts.

6) Another solution.

If nothing from the above helps, I want to offer another solution – try creating another account in the OS Windows.

2014-04-14 08_27_42-Control panel

And having already rebooted the computer, logging in under the new account, install the antivirus. Sometimes it helps, and not only with antivirus, but with many other programs as well.


Perhaps you should think about another antivirus?

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