Why Browser Incognito Mode May Be Useless

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The incognito mode in the browser allows you to remain unnoticed when viewing content that the user does not want to advertise. Pages opened in a special tab are not displayed in history, search queries, entered passwords and cookies are not saved.

Why Browser Incognito Mode May Be Useless

Features of the mode

The incognito function is a kind of “guest mode” with the disabling of those browser capabilities that are responsible for saving history, requests and passwords.

The history will not be saved in Chrome and Firefox, but will be recorded by the provider, network administrator or owner of the Wi Fi hotspot.

Incognito does not encrypt data or protect against viruses, and when credentials are entered into the Chrome web apps, cookies will start to persist again.

Google accounts, Facebook, Twitter opened privately will also give out every move of their owner.

The mode does not prevent search engines from continuing their active surveillance and collecting data on visited pages.

IP address remains the same

Incognito mode is far from 100% privacy. When visiting sites in private mode, the IP address can be easily identified. If desired, your employer will find out what resources you have visited, and it will not be at all difficult for the Internet provider to calculate surfing routes. When you activate private mode, Chrome and Firefox browsers warn you about these points.

True privacy

If incognito does not guarantee complete privacy, this does not mean that such a possibility does not exist.

Tor Browser

Why Browser Incognito Mode May Be Useless

A web browser with the onion logo is the legendary Tor. By installing this software on your computer and activating it, your machine becomes a link in a large chain through which data from special servers pass. The chain is formed randomly, but what information is currently passing through it through your PC is unknown. For added security, you can simply refresh the connection from time to time.


Why Browser Incognito Mode May Be Useless

A VPN connection can help obfuscate and confuse advertising platforms and search engines by replacing the real IP address with one that belongs to a remote server. You can set up a VPN using the application or install a special extension in the browser, and for commercial structures this mode becomes one of the main ways to protect against leakage of valuable information.


Why Browser Incognito Mode May Be Useless

Ghostery is one of the most popular extensions for Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera and others. The software does not allow advertising platforms to recognize browsers by blocking access to cookies, detecting tracking trackers using Enhanced Anti Tracking technology, while the speed of opening pages remains the same. This is why Ghostery not only provides privacy, but also blocks annoying ads and banners.

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