Why browser accelerator can be a dangerous virus

Google Chrom users install a large number of add-ons, including an accelerator that makes the network faster, protects against viruses and spam. However, the installation of unknown programs can cause a virus infection.

Why browser accelerator can be a dangerous virus

How the virus got to users

The first to sound the alarm were the specialists working in the Doctor Web team. According to them, while scanning for new applications, they found a dangerous virus in the Google Play installation directory. According to experts, this is a new modified Trojan virus Android. Backdoor.735.origin, which is considered the most dangerous backdoor.

Disguised as a useful utility, the virus spreads to all files of the system and completely infects the computer and Android – the device. It is enough to download one of the programs to accelerate the browser, and fraudsters immediately get full access to your personal information and control over the device.

What program was the virus disguised as

To infect mobile devices and computers, cybercriminals use a utility called 'Browsers Turbo – Scanner and Cleaner' designed to tune, clean and speed up the operation of the browser. Outwardly, it is similar to the well-known Clean Master program and even consonant with the name. An inexperienced user can easily make a mistake and choose a virus utility.

'Browsers Turbo – Scanner and Cleaner' has a similar interface, the color scheme of the design coincides with the original, performs operations identical at first glance:

  • scanning and checking for viruses;
  • cleaning of unnecessary files and garbage;
  • phone acceleration;
  • cooling and energy saving.

To avoid problems, it is recommended to scan the installed applications for viruses.

Why is malware dangerous?

To fully understand the severity of the threat after installing an accelerator infected with a virus, you need to know how dangerous this program is:

  1. Virus Android. Backdoor.735.origin completely executes all commands of the attackers.
  2. Allows unauthorized persons to remotely control your device.
  3. Gets access to all folders, files, photos, sms-correspondence, e-mail and memory card.
  4. Removes any information from your phone or computer.
  5. Steals or uses your files for fraudulent purposes.
  6. Gets access to passwords from applications and programs stored on the phone or computer in the browser.
  7. Spies on the owner of the device: informs scammers your location, can monitor your actions through the camera.

But the most dangerous thing is that the Android. Backdoor.735.origin virus is capable of downloading and installing other malicious components on your phone without your knowledge and permission. They perform various functions, for example, display annoying ads, steal money from an account, install a subscription to paid content or applications, and perform malicious actions and codes.

As you can see, a dangerous browser accelerator can bring a lot of problems. Download only known programs from trusted sources, do not neglect the installation of an antivirus that can protect your data.

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