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Information rules the modern world. And since the Internet is a global network, it is important to find the data you need quickly and efficiently. Special search engine services serve this purpose. Some of them have a narrow language or professional specialization, others are focused on user security and confidentiality of requests. But the most popular are universal search engines, among which two undisputed leaders have long stood out – Yandex and Google. Which search is better?

Comparison of search in Yandex and Google

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Yandex and Google give out search results differently: the first shows pages and sites, the second shows the total number of links

For any not too long query made up of real words, both search engines will present hundreds of thousands of links, which, at first glance, makes it meaningless to compare their effectiveness. Nevertheless, only a small part of these links will be useful to the user, especially considering the fact that he rarely moves beyond 1-3 pages of search results. Which site will offer us more relevant information in the form in which its use will be convenient and effective? We suggest looking at the table with the estimates of their criteria on a 10-point scale.

In 2018, 52.1% of users on RuNet prefer Google and only 44.6% prefer Yandex.

Table: comparison of search engine parameters

Assessment criterion Yandex Google
User friendly interface 8.0 9.2
Convenience of working on a PC 9.6 9.8
Convenience of work on mobile devices 8.2 10.0
The relevance of the issue in the Latin alphabet 8.5 9.4
Cyrillic relevance 9.9 8.5
Handling transliteration, typos and bilingual queries 7.8 8.6
Presentation of information 8.8 (list of pages) 8.8 (list of links)
Freedom of information 5.6 (sensitive to blocking, requires a license for some types of content) 6.9 (it is common practice to delete data under the pretext of copyright infringement)
Sorting results by request region 9.3 (exact result even in small towns) 7.7 (a more global result, without specification)
Working with images 6.3 (less relevant results, few built-in filters) 6.8 (more complete output with many settings, however some images cannot be used due to copyright)
Response time and hardware load 9.9 (minimum time and load) 9.3 (may crash on highly outdated platforms)
Additional functions 9.4 (more than 30 specialized services) 9.0 (a relatively small number of services, which is compensated by the convenience of their use, for example, an integrated translator)
Overall score 8.4 8.7

Google leads by a small margin. Indeed, it gives a more relevant result in mainstream queries, is convenient for the average user, and is integrated into most smartphones and tablets. However, for complex professional searches for information in Russian, Yandex is better suited.

Both search engines have both strengths and weaknesses. You need to decide which of their features are primary to you and make a choice based on the comparison result in a specific niche.

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