Which iPhone will be released in September 2019 – the latest details

The presentation of the company Apple will take place very soon. But already now, many say that there will be no breakthrough in technology yet. But fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the new ' iPhone' in September 2019. So, what models will be presented and what is known about them today.

Which iPhone will be released in September 2019 – alleged models and characteristics of the device

The names of all three models to be released Apple remain a secret.

There are only assumptions:

  • iPhone 11 (successor to iPhone XS), iPhone 11 Pro (replacement iPhone XS Max) and iPhone 11R ;
  • XI, XI Max and XIR;
  • 11, 11 Max and 11R.

Display and design

The information is ambiguous about the type of display: it is likely that all three models will be equipped with OLED – displays. But the risk that the younger 'iPhone' in the lineup will remain with a display LCD still remains. At least the older model will still have OLED and, most likely, this screen will be thinner due to the integration of the touchscreen with the display.

The screen diagonal will remain the same as its predecessors: 5.8 and 6.5 inches for the XI and XI Max, respectively, while the XIR will have a 6.1 display. Perhaps the refresh rate of the screen will increase to 120 hertz.

The gadgets will have a frosted glass back panel. Colors can include red, gold, white, green, black and purple. In general, the design of the new products will not differ much from what we see in the latest 'apples' so far.

New iPhone in multiple colors

Colors should be bright: green, red, lavender

It is known that Apple had to abandon 3D Touch, as it increases the cost of 'apples'. However, three models will probably receive support for Haptic Touch technology.

The notch at the top of the screen will remain, but may be smaller as Apple the front camera and Face ID sensor components have been merged. The latter, by the way, will be much more reliable and faster.

New iPhone

New 'iPhone' 2019 seizure will continue

A13 processor

New models will receive a processor Apple A13 all from the same TSMC. Little is known about it: it will just become more powerful than its predecessor and will be able to work with AR applications of the next generation.

Will there be support 5G

Although many competitors Apple (the same Samsung, LG, OnePlus) are going to release smartphones with support for 5G this year, Apple have not yet rushes events. Perhaps this is advisable, because operators are just starting to build networks 5G and even in the near future they will not catch them everywhere 5G.

However, the new ones iPhone will receive Wi-Fi 6 support – the Internet speed will increase in the wireless network.


One of the models may receive an unusual main camera with three lenses arranged in a triangle. The usual 'iPhone' 11 will have a dual camera with a resolution of 14 and 10 megapixels. The front camera will be with 10 megapixels and support for the TrueDepth system.

Prototype iPhone 2019

As the prototype design shows, the model should have a three-lens camera

Apple Pencil support

There is a possibility that the older model of the line will receive support for the Apple Pencil, but this information has not been confirmed, so there is no need to pin high hopes on this function.

Apple Pencil

There is no official confirmation yet that Apple Pencil will be supported on 'iPhone' 11

USB-C instead of Lightning?

There is conflicting information that Line 11 iPhones will receive USB-C outputs instead of Lightning ports. Three models will have two SIM card slots: for regular and eSIM.

The volume of the battery, built-in and RAM

All three models will have a larger battery. From junior model to senior: 3000, 3200 and 3500 mAh. The kit will include a new 18V power adapter, as the standard 1A charger charges the apples for too long.

Models may be able to boast reverse wireless charging: they will charge AirPods and Apple Watch.

The two older models will receive 4 GB of RAM. The base capacity of the internal memory will no longer be 64, but 128 GB. There will also be 256 and 512 GB variants.

Release date and price of new models

The exact date of the presentation of new products is unknown, but it is assumed that it will take place from 10 to 12 September. The new ones iPhone will most likely go on sale at the end of September (approximately from the 20th). Russia may again miss the first wave of sales, so the purchase of a new model may have to be postponed.

As for the price: most likely, the cost of the new models will roughly coincide with the price of the current iPhone XS. That is, you need to count on 90 thousand rubles. There is a chance that the new line will reach the 100 thousand mark. The simplest model in the line, of course, will be much cheaper. Let's not guess – we'll wait for the official data from the presentation.

There have been no new presentations yet, and there are many rumors about the presence of certain functions and characteristics. In any case, you need to wait for the official presentation in mid-September to find out everything for sure and finally decide whether you need a new model or until the current XS is enough.

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