Where can you download applications other than Google Play Market


In smartphones on the operating system Android, the Play Market is always preinstalled, so the user of the gadget does not have a question where to download the necessary application, but not all users know that the necessary programs can be found on other resources.


Where can you download applications other than Google Play Market

In addition to various services, Yandex offers its users its own application store for Android. While Yandex.Store cannot boast of a wide variety of programs, today their number has barely exceeded 100 thousand. But thanks to favorable conditions for developers, the store's catalog is constantly updated with new products.

The main feature of this market is its focus on the Russian-speaking audience, so there is definitely no utility here whose name consists of hieroglyphs. Another advantage of Yandex.Store is its cooperation with Kaspersky Lab, so you don't have to worry about accidentally catching a virus while downloading. In addition, you can pay for purchases in three different ways: with your phone balance, card and Yandex.Money. This makes using the store especially convenient.

Amazon AppStore

Where can you download applications other than Google Play Market

Amazon is one of the largest American online stores, which also has its own app service. Unfortunately, there are more paid products in the Amazon AppStore, but you can still find a lot of free programs here. In addition, every day one decent paid application or free-access game appears in the service, which any user can download. It's also worth noting that all apps that land on the Amazon Appstore are heavily screened, so your smartphone is unlikely to get malware.


Where can you download applications other than Google Play Market

With APKPure, you can install almost any known program on your smartphone, but you will only get an apk file to download. To use the utility, you have to unpack it, but this format also has its advantage – the apk file can be easily transferred to another smartphone.

APKPure interface is completely Russified and easy to use, and the necessary utilities can be downloaded using the application or website. Another feature of the service is a large product catalog, the volume of which practically does not differ from Google Play. In addition, this store contains applications that are not available for download in the Google market.


Where can you download applications other than Google Play Market

SlideME differs from other services in its modest catalog size. The creators of the market explain this feature by the fact that all applications are subjected to serious selection and verification. Therefore, only the highest-quality games and utilities get to SlideME, and users do not have to worry that dangerous software accidentally gets on their gadget. Plus, this store has no fakes or junk apps that litter your phone.

It is also worth noting that the SlideME interface is not Russified, but this is unlikely to be a problem, since due to its simplicity and convenience, it is easy to understand it even without knowing English. Another feature of the service is the presence of applications that are prohibited on Google Play.


Where can you download applications other than Google Play Market

1MOBILE users have over a million different apps available, all of which are free to download. This service has many unique programs that simply do not exist on Google Play. Also, 1MOBILE has a huge selection of different utilities for decorating a smartphone (stickers, wallpapers, etc.). You will definitely not be able to miss interesting things, since the most popular new items always reach the store's tops.

Using 1MOBILE is quite simple, because its interface is completely Russified and there are no unnecessary functions. Another feature of the store is that all applications from it can be downloaded only in apk file format.


Where can you download applications other than Google Play Market

If you are frustrated that there are practically no interesting wallpapers, themes and stickers on Google Play, then pay attention to Mobile9. In addition to a large catalog of useful programs, here you can find various animations, sounds and wallpapers for decorating your smartphone, as well as a huge amount of free music, books, videos and new bright stickers for instant messengers.

For these reasons, Mobile9 is often downloaded by those looking for free entertainment content. In addition, the market directory is completely Russified, so you will not have any problems with using it.


Where can you download applications other than Google Play Market

This store has about two thousand applications and all of them can be obtained for free. But the main feature is that the programs available for download are open source. This means that you can not only install the selected utility as it is, but also change it for yourself. Therefore, the products available on the F-Droid are practically free of malware or ads, since with open source it is almost impossible to hide them in the application. Of course, the design of such software will be quite primitive, but the proposed functions cover this shortcoming.

Knowing that there are so many alternatives to Google Play, you won't have to worry about not finding a game or utility in your favorite app store.

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