What to do if Windows is blocked and require to send SMS?


Suddenly, unexpectedly, when you turn on the PC, you will see not the usual desktop, but a full-screen message stating that Windows is now locked. To remove this lock, you are prompted to send an SMS and enter the unlock code. And they warn in advance that reinstalling Windows can cause data corruption, etc. In general, there are many varieties of this infection, and it makes no sense to describe the behavior of each in detail.


A typical window that signals a PC infection with a virus.


1. First of all, do not send any SMS to any short numbers. You just lose money and the system cannot be restored.

2. Try to use services from Doctor Web and Nod:



It is possible that you will be able to find a code to unlock. By the way, you will need a second computer for many operations; if you don't have one, ask a neighbor, friend, brother / sister, etc.

3. Unlikely, but sometimes helps. Try in the Bios settings (when booting the PC, press the F2 or Del button (depending on the model)) change the date and time for a month or two ahead. Then reboot Windows. Further, if the computer has booted, clean everything at startup and check the PC with antivirus programs.

4. Restart your computer in Safe Mode with Command Prompt. To do this, when you turn on and boot the PC, press the F8 button – you should see the boot menu Windows.

safe mode

After loading, enter the word 'explorer' in the command line and press the Enter key. Then open the start menu, select the run command and enter 'msconfig'.

System Configuration_2013-12-01_08-06-54

If everything was done correctly, a window will open in which you can see the startup programs, and, of course, disable some of them. In general, you can turn off everything and try to restart your PC. If it works, download the latest version of any antivirus and check your computer. By the way, the CureIT check gives good results.

5. If the previous steps did not help, you should try to restore Windows. To do this, you may need an installation disk, it would be nice to have it on the shelf in advance, so that if something happens … By the way, you can read about how to burn a boot disk with Windows here.

6. To restore the PC, there are special live cd images, thanks to which you can boot, check your computer for viruses and delete them, copy important data to other media, etc. Such an image can be written to a regular CD disk (if you have a floppy drive) or to a USB flash drive (burning an image to a disc, to a USB flash drive). Next, enable boot from disk / flash drive in Bios (you can read about this in the article about installation Windows 7) and boot from it.

The most popular are:

Dr.Web® LiveCD – (~ 260MB) a good image that can quickly scan the system for viruses. There is support for several languages, including Russian. It works pretty fast!

LiveCD ESET NOD32 – (~ 200MB) the image is slightly smaller than the first one, but it loads automatically (I will explain. On one PC, I tried to restore work Windows. As it turned out, the keyboard was connected to USB and refused to work yet the OS did not boot.That is, when booting the rescue disk, it was impossible to select check the computer in the menu, and since by default, many rescue disks have OS boot Windows – then it was loaded instead of the Live CD But having enabled booting from LiveCD ESET NOD32 – it turned out that by default, it boots its mini-OS and starts checking the hard drive. Great!). True, checking with this antivirus takes quite a long time, you can safely go to rest for an hour or two …

Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 is a bootable rescue disk from Kaspersky. By the way, I used it not so long ago and there are even a couple of screenshots of his work.

When loading, note that you are given 10 seconds to press any key on the keyboard. If you do not have time, or your USB keyboard refuses to work, then it is better to download the image from NOD32 (see above).


After loading the rescue disk, the PC hard disk check will start automatically. By the way, the program works very quickly, especially when compared to Nod32.


After checking with such a disk, the computer needs to be restarted, and the disk must be removed from the tray. If the virus was found and removed by an antivirus program, you will most likely be able to start working normally in the OS Windows.

7. If all else fails, it may be worth thinking about reinstalling Windows. Before this operation, save all the necessary files from the hard disk to other media.

There is also another option: to call a specialist, however, you have to pay …

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