What to do if the sound in the laptop disappears

Hello! Dear experts, I ask for your help. After the rearrangement, W-s 7 chose a theme to change the desktop picture (control panel, personalization). Then I decided to 'play around' with the sounds in the sound scheme, I thought it was a harmless occupation, considering that I was doing this for the first time. And the next day it was gone – the sound in the laptop – everywhere!; I can't listen to anything either. Using various tips from the Internet, I checked all (except for B IOS) settings, in the device manager, in the DirectX diagnostic tools. Everywhere! everything works fine, no problems were found, there are green birds near the microphone and speaker, but there is no sound. In troubleshooting, the module did not identify a problem, the volume mixers do not respond to mouse clicks on the icon. I'm sure the problem is in changing the sound effects settings, and I can't figure out how to fix it. She did not experiment with sound anywhere else. Please think, maybe this can be fixed quite simply, I feel that way. Thanks for attention!


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Hello Svetlana! The first step was to simply roll back the system before you made changes to the system files. And also open the volume mixer not through the tray, but through the control panel, the “Sound” section.

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