What to do if online games slow down

Hello! Online game hangs – what to do?


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Hello Artyom! Let's start with the trivial questions: 'What kind of computer do you have? When do lags start to occur? Right after the start of the game, right after and before the cast scene, or while interacting with other players? And are there similar problems in offline games? ' There can be dozens of reasons for such a situation. Unfortunately, in this case, since you did not provide any specific information, we can only give you general advice and recommendations, which in most cases solve this problem. And now, in fact, about the solutions themselves:

  1. Internet connection speed test. In the vastness of the Internet there are many services that allow you to test the quality of your Internet connection, for example, 2ip.ru services and the more popular speedtest.net.

After testing, compare the results with the recommended requirements for your game.

  1. Check for updates, both for the game itself and for the components of your computer. Pay special attention to the video card drivers.
  2. Check if a similar problem occurs on other game servers, respectively, if this choice is present. And also check with other players if they are faced with a similar problem, since the reason for the appearance of lags may be related to the server itself.
  3. Defragment your disk.
  4. Use any 'garbage collector' program to clean the system from unnecessary files, for example, 'CCleaner' program.

6.Using the 'msconfig' command, check the list of running services and the startup list. Disable anything you don't need.

  1. Check the system for virus activity.
  2. Scan the system with the 'sfc / scannow' command, perhaps deliberately or not, but important components of the operating system have been removed, which leads to such unstable operation.
  3. In the 'Task Manager' check if there are any suspicious running processes.

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