What programs are needed to record video from a webcam?

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Today, almost all modern laptops, netbooks, tablets have a webcam. Many owners of stationary PCs have also acquired this useful thing. Most often, a webcam is used to talk over the Internet (for example, via Skype).

But with the help of a web camera, you can, for example, record a video message or simply make a recording for further processing. To make such a recording from a web camera, you will need special programs, in fact, this will be discussed in this article.


  • 1) Film studio Windows.
  • 2) The best third-party webcam recording software.
  • 3) Why can't the video / black screen be seen from the webcam?

1) Film studio Windows.

The first program I want to start this article with is 'Film Studio Windows': a program from Microsoft for creating and editing videos. For most users, its capabilities will be enough …

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2015-01-31 10_08_28-Film studio - Microsoft Windows In order to download and install 'Film Studio' go to the official website Microsoft at the following link: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-ru/windows-live/movie-maker

By the way, it will work in OS Windows 7, 8 and higher. The OS Windows XP already has a built-in Movie Maker program.


How to record a video in a Film Studio?

1. Launch the program and select the 'Webcam Video' option.

My-Film --- Film Studio

2. After about 2-3 seconds, the image transmitted by the web camera should appear on the screen. When it appears, you can click the 'Burn' button. The video recording process will begin until you stop it.

My-Film --- Film Studio-2

When you stop recording, 'Film Studio' will offer you to save the resulting video: all you need to do is specify the location on the hard disk where the video will be saved.

Benefits of the program:

1. Official program from Microsoft (this means that the number of errors and conflicts should be minimal);

2. Full support for the Russian language (which so many utilities lack);

3. The video is saved in the WMV format – one of the most popular formats for storing and transferring video materials. Those. you can view this video format on any computers and laptops, in most phones and other devices. Also, almost all video editors can easily open this format. In addition, we must not forget about good video compression in this format with at the same time not bad in quality picture;

4. Ability to edit the resulting video (ie no need to look for additional editors).

2) The best third-party webcam recording software.

It so happens that the capabilities of the 'Film Studio' (or Movie Maker) program are not enough (well, or simply this program does not work, do not reinstall because of it Windows?).

1. AlterCam

Of. program website: http://altercam.com/rus/


A very interesting program for working with a webcam. In many ways, its options are similar to the 'Film Studio', but there are some special features:

– there are dozens of 'own' effects (blur, switching from a color image to black and white, color inversion, sharpening, etc. – you can customize the picture as you need);

– overlays (this is when the image from the camera is framed in a frame (see the screenshot above);

– the ability to record video in AVI format – the recording will be carried out with all the settings and video effects that you make;

– the program supports the Russian language in full (not all utilities with such a set of options can boast great and mighty …).

2. WebcamMax

Official website: http://www.webcammax.com/


A shareware program for working with a web camera. Allows you to receive video from a webcam, record it, apply effects to your image on the fly (super interesting thing, imagine, you can put yourself in a cinema, enlarge your image, make a funny face, apply effects, etc.), by the way, effects can be applied , for example in Skype – imagine how surprised those with whom you are talking will be …


When installing the program: pay attention to the default checkboxes (do not forget to disable some of them if you do not want the toolbars to appear in the browser).


By the way, the program supports the Russian language, for this you need to enable it in the settings. The program records from a webcam in the MPG format – a very popular one, supported by most editors and video players.

The only drawback of the program is that it is paid, and because of this, the logo will be present on the video (although it is not large, but still).

3. ManyCam

Of. website: https://manycam.com/


Another program with extensive settings for the transmitted video from the webcam:

– the ability to select the video resolution;

– the ability to create screenshots and video recordings from a web camera (saved to the folder 'my videos');

– a large number of video overlay effects;

– adjustment of contrast, brightness, etc., shades: red, blue, green;

– the ability to zoom in / out video from a web camera.

Another advantage of the program is full support of the Russian language. In general, there is nothing to single out from the minuses, except for a small logo in the lower right corner, which the program imposes during video playback / recording.

3) Why can't the video / black screen be seen from the webcam?

Quite often, the following situation occurs: you downloaded and installed one of the programs for viewing and recording video from a web camera, turned it on – and instead of video, you just see a black screen … What to do in this case? Let's consider the most common reasons why this can happen.

1. Video transmission time

When the program is connected to the camera, it may take from 1-2 to 10-15 seconds to receive video from it. The camera does not always and not immediately transmit the image. Depends both on the model of the camera itself, as well as on the drivers and the program used to record and view video. Therefore, 10-15 seconds have not passed yet. it is too early to draw conclusions about the 'black screen'!

2. The webcam is busy with another application

Here the fact is that if the image from the webcam is transmitted to one of the applications (for example, it is being captured from it to the 'Film Studio'), then when you start another application, say the same Skype: with a high degree of probability, you will see a black screen. To 'free up the camera' simply close one of two (or more) applications and use only one at a time. You can restart your PC if closing the application does not help and the process hangs in the task manager.

3. Webcam drivers are not installed

Usually, newer OS Windows 7, 8 can automatically install drivers for most webcam models. However, this does not always happen (what can we say about older OS Windows). Therefore, in one of the first stages, I advise you to pay attention to the driver.

The easiest option is to install one of the automatic driver update programs, scan your computer and update the driver for the webcam (or install it, if it was not in the system at all). In my opinion, looking for a 'manual' driver on sites is a long time and is usually used if automatic update programs cannot cope.


An article about updating drivers (best programs): https://pcpro100.info/obnovleniya-drayverov/

I recommend paying attention to Slim Driver, or Driver Pack Solution.


4. Webcam sticker

Once a funny incident happened to me … I could not set up the camera on one of the laptops: I had already changed five drivers, installed several programs – the camera did not work. What is strange: Windows reported that everything was in order with the camera, there was no conflict of drivers, no exclamation marks, etc. As a result, I accidentally drew attention to the packaging film that remained in the place of the webcam (moreover, this' the sticker 'hung so neatly that you would not pay attention right away).

5. Codecs

When recording video from a webcam, errors may occur if codecs are not installed on your system. In this case, the simplest option is to remove the old codecs from the system completely; restart your PC; and then install the new codecs to the 'full' (FULL) version.


I recommend using these codecs: https://pcpro100.info/luchshie-kodeki-dlya-video-i-audio-na-windows-7-8/#K-Lite_Codec_Pack

Also, pay attention to how to install them: https://pcpro100.info/ne-vosproizvoditsya-video-na-kompyutere/


That's all. Successful video recording and broadcasting …

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