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Originally developed as a means of communication, email eventually gave way to social networks. Nevertheless, business and commercial correspondence, systematization and storage of credentials, sending important documents and a number of other functions are still carried out using email services. For a long time, Mail.ru and Yandex.Mail were in the lead on the open spaces of the Runet, then Gmail from Google was added to them. In recent years, Mail.ru's position as an email client has weakened, leaving only two fairly large and popular resources on the market. It's time to decide which is better – Yandex.Mail or Gmail.

Choosing the best email: comparison of services from Yandex and Google

Since the competition in the software market is very high, each manufacturer tries to offer as many functions and capabilities as possible, which makes it difficult to compare resources. Both mail services are cross-platform, equipped with a convenient navigation system, data protection mechanisms, work with cloud technologies, and offer a simple and user-friendly interface.

Email from Yandex and Google

Interesting fact: most corporate email addresses also work using Yandex.Mail and Gmail services.

However, the mailers offered by Yandex and Google have a number of significant differences.

Table: advantages and disadvantages of mail from Yandex and Gmail

Parameter Yandex Mail Google gmail
Language settings Yes, but the main emphasis is on languages ​​with Cyrillic Support for most of the world's languages
Interface settings Many bright, colorful themes Themes are strict and concise, rarely updated
Drawer navigation performance Higher Below
Performance when sending / receiving letters Below Higher
Spam recognition Worse It's better
Sorting spam and working with the basket It's better Worse
Simultaneous work from different devices Not supported Possible
Maximum email attachments 30 Mb 25 Mb
Maximum cloud attachments 10 GB 15 GB
Export and import contacts Convenient Poorly designed
Viewing and editing documents Possible Not supported
Collection of personal data Minimum Constant, obsessive

In most aspects, Yandex.Mail is the leader. It works faster, offers more options, and does not collect or process personal data. However, you shouldn't write off Gmail either – it's more convenient for corporate mailboxes and better integrated with cloud technologies. In addition, Google services do not suffer from blocking, unlike Yandex, which is especially important for residents of Ukraine.

We hope our article helped you choose a convenient and effective email service. Let all the emails you receive be pleasant!

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