What hex editors can you recommend for beginners? Top 5 list

hex editor Good day everyone.

For some reason, many people believe that working with hex editors is the lot of professionals and novice users should not meddle in them. But, in my opinion, if you have at least basic PC skills, and imagine why you need a hex editor, then why not ?!

With the help of a program of this kind, you can change any file, regardless of its type (many manuals and guides contain information on changing a particular file using a hex editor)! True, the user needs to have at least a basic understanding of the hexadecimal system (data in the hex editor is represented in it). However, basic knowledge on it is given in computer science lessons at school, and probably many have heard and have an idea about it (therefore, I will not comment on it in this article). So, here are the best hex editors for beginners (in my humble opinion).

1) Free Hex Editor Neo


2016-06-05 15_42_15-free hex neo

One of the simplest and most common editors for hexadecimal, decimal and binary files under the OS Windows. The program allows you to open any type of file, make changes (the history of changes is saved), it is convenient to select and edit a file, debug and analyze.

It is also worth noting a very good level of performance, coupled with low system requirements for the machine (for example, the program allows you to open and edit rather large files, while other editors simply freeze and refuse to work).

Among other things, the program supports the Russian language, has a well-thought-out and intuitive interface. Even a novice user can figure it out and start working with the utility. In general, I recommend it to anyone starting their acquaintance with hex editors.

2) WinHex


2016-06-05 15_57_33-WinHex

This editor, unfortunately, is shareware, but it is one of the most versatile, supports a bunch of different options and features (some of which are difficult to find from competitors).

In the disk editor mode allows you to work with: HDD, floppy disks, flash drives, DVD, ZIP-disks, etc. Supports file systems: NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, CDFS.

I cannot but mention the convenient tools for analysis: in addition to the main window, you can connect additional ones with various calculators, tools for searching and analyzing the file structure. In general, it is suitable for both beginners and experienced users. The program supports Russian (select the following menu: Help / Setup / Russian).

WinHex, in addition to its most common functions (which support similar programs), allows you to 'clone' disks and delete information from them so that no one can ever recover it!

3) HxD Hex Editor


2016-06-05 16_06_13-HxD

Free and quite powerful binary editor. Supports all major encodings (ANSI, DOS / IBM – ASCII and EBCDIC), files of almost any size (by the way, the editor allows you to edit RAM in addition to files, directly write changes to the hard drive!).

It is also possible to note a well-thought-out interface, a convenient and simple function of finding and replacing data, a stepwise and multi-level system of backups and rollbacks.

After starting, the program consists of two windows: on the left is a hexadecimal code, and on the right is a text translation and file content.

Of the minuses, I would single out the absence of the Russian language. However, many functions will be understandable even for those who have never studied English …

4) HexCmp


2016-06-05 16_53_05-HexCmp

HexCmp – this small utility combines 2 programs at once: the first allows you to compare binary files with each other, and the second is a hex editor. This is a very valuable option when you need to find differences in different files, it helps to explore the different structures of the most different types of files.

By the way, places after comparison can be shaded in a different color, depending on where everything matches and where the data is different. The comparison is done on the fly and very quickly. The program supports files up to 4 GB in size (quite enough for most tasks).

In addition to the usual comparison, you can make a comparison in the text version (or even in both at once!). The program is flexible enough, allows you to customize the color scheme, specify shortcut buttons. If you configure the program appropriately, then you can work with it without a mouse at all! In general, I recommend it to all novice 'checkers' of hex editors and file structures.

5) Hex Workshop


2016-06-05 17_02_39-hexworkshop

Hex Workshop is a simple and easy-to-use binary file editor, which is distinguished primarily by its flexible settings and low system requirements. Thanks to this, it is possible to edit rather large files in it, which simply do not open in other editors or freeze.

The editor's arsenal has all the most necessary functions: editing, search and replacement, copying, pasting, etc. The program can perform logical operations, conduct binary comparison of files, view and generate various checksums of files, export data to popular formats: rtf and html .

Also in the arsenal of the editor there is a converter between binary, binary and hexadecimal systems. In general, a good arsenal for a hex editor. Perhaps the only drawback is that the program is shareware …

Good Luck!

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