What are the free computer drawing programs?

draw-on-pc In today's world, computers more and more penetrate our lives. Many areas are simply unthinkable without the use of a PC: complex mathematical calculations, design, modeling, Internet communications, etc. Finally, it came to drawing!

Now not only artists, but also ordinary amateurs can easily try to draw some kind of 'masterpiece' using special programs. It is these special programs for drawing on a computer that I would like to talk about in this article.

Note that only free programs will be considered.

1. Paint is the default program …

It is with Paint that I would like to start my review of drawing programs. it is part of OSOS Windows XP, 7, 8, Vista, etc., which means that you don't need to download anything to start drawing!

To open it, go to the Start / Programs / Accessories menu and then click on the 'Paint' icon.

2014-01-27 22_37_15-Untitled - Paint

The program itself is extremely simple and even a completely newbie who recently turned on a PC can understand it.

Of the main functions: resizing pictures, cutting out a certain part of the image, the ability to draw with a pencil, brush, fill an area with a selected color, etc.

For those who are not professionally engaged in images, for those who sometimes need to correct something in the pictures in detail – the program's capabilities are more than enough. That is why I recommend starting your acquaintance with drawing on a PC with it!

2. Gimp is a powerful graph. editor

Website: http: //www.gimp.org/downloads/

Gimp is a powerful graphics editor that can work with graphics tablets (see below) and many other input devices.


Main functions:

– improve photos, make them brighter, enhance color rendering;

– easily and quickly remove unnecessary elements from photos;

– cut website layouts;

– drawing pictures using graphic tablets;

– own file storage format '.xcf', which is capable of storing texts, textures, layers, etc .;

– Convenient ability to work with the clipboard – you can instantly insert a picture into the program and start editing it;

– Gimp will allow you to archive images on the fly;

– the ability to open files of the '.psd' format;

– creating your own plugins (if you, of course, have programming skills).

3. MyPaint – art drawing

Site: http: //mypaint.intilinux.com/? Page_id = 6

MyPaint is a graphic editor aimed at novice artists. The program has a simple interface coupled with unlimited canvas sizes. There is also an excellent set of brushes, thanks to which with the help of this program you can paint pictures on your computer, just like on a canvas!

MyPaintMain functions:

– Possibility of quick commands using assigned buttons;

– a huge selection of brushes, their customization, the ability to create and import them;

– excellent tablet support, by the way, the program is generally designed for it;

– unlimited canvas size – thus nothing limits your creativity;

– the ability to work in Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

4. Graffiti Studio – for fans of graffiti

This program will appeal to all graffiti lovers (in principle, the direction of the program can be guessed from the name).

Graffiti Studio program

The program captivates with its simplicity, realism – the pictures come out of the pen almost like the best hits on the walls of professionals.

In the program, you can choose paintings, for example, carriages, walls, buses, on which to work your creative wonders in the future.

The panel provides a choice of a huge number of colors – more than 100 pieces! It is possible to make smudges, change the distance to the surface, use markers, etc. In general, the artist's whole arsenal of graffiti!

5. Artweaver – Adobe Photoshop replacement

Website: http: //www.artweaver.de/en/download

A free graphics editor that claims to be Adobe Photoshop itself. This program simulates painting with oil, paint, pencil, chalk, brush, etc.

It is possible to work with layers, convert images to various formats, compression, etc. Judging by the screenshot below – you can't even tell from Adobe Photoshop!


6. SmoothDraw

Website: http: //www.smoothdraw.com/

SmoothDraw is an excellent graphics editor with a lot of possibilities for processing and creating images. Basically, the program is focused on creating pictures from scratch, from a white and clean canvas.

You will have a large number of design and art tools in your arsenal: brushes, pencils, pens, pens, etc.

The work with tablets is also not very bad, coupled with a convenient interface of the program – it can be safely recommended to most users.


7. PixBuilder Studio – mini photoshop

Website: http: //www.wnsoft.com/ru/pixbuilder/

Many users have already dubbed this program on the network mini Photoshop. It has most of the popular functions and capabilities of the paid Adobe Photoshop program: a brightness and contrast editor, there are tools for cutting, transforming images, you can create complex shapes and objects.

Nice implementation of several types of blurring, sharpness effects, etc.

It's probably not worth talking about such features as image resizing, turns, spreads, etc. All in all, PixBuilder Studio is a great drawing and editing program on your computer.

7. PixBuilder Studio

8. Inkscape – analogue of Corel Draw (vector graphics)

Website: http: //www.inkscape.org/en/download/windows/

This is a free vector image editor that is similar to Corel Draw. This program is for drawing with vectors – i.e. directed segments. Unlike bitmaps, vector images can be easily resized without losing quality! Usually, such a program is used in the printing industry.

It is also worth mentioning Flash here – it also uses vector graphics, which allows you to significantly reduce the size of the video!

By the way, it is worth adding that the program has support for the Russian language!


9. Livebrush – painting with a brush

Website: http: //www.livebrush.com/GetLivebrush.aspx

A very simple drawing program with good image editing capabilities. One of the main features of this editor is that you will paint here with a brush! There are no other tools!

On the one hand, this limits, but on the other hand, the program allows you to implement a lot of things that in no other – you will not do that!

A huge number of brushes, settings for them, strokes, etc. Moreover, you can create brushes yourself and download from the Internet.

By the way, under the 'brush' in livebrush is meant not just a simple line, but also models of complex geometric shapes … In general, it is recommended to familiarize all lovers of working with graphics.


10. Graphic tablets

A graphics tablet is a special device for drawing on a computer. Connects to a computer via standard USB. With the help of a pen, you can navigate through an electronic sheet, and on the computer screen you can immediately see your picture online. Great!

Graphics tablet

Who needs a tablet for what?

The tablet can be useful not only for professional designers, but also for ordinary schoolchildren and children. With it, you can edit photos and images, draw graffiti on social networks, and easily and quickly add manuscripts to graphic documents. In addition, when using a pen (tablet pen), the hand and wrist do not get tired during prolonged work, such as when using a mouse.

For professionals, this is an opportunity to edit photos: create masks, retouch, edit and make edits to the complex contours of images (hair, eyes, etc.).

In general, you get used to the tablet very quickly and if you often work with graphics, the device becomes simply irreplaceable! Recommended for all graphic lovers.

This concludes the review of the programs. Happy choice and beautiful drawings!

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