Vulnerability in Internet Explorer allows hackers to steal files from computers under their control Windows


Cybersecurity specialist John Page has identified a serious vulnerability in the Internet Explorer browser, with the help of which any files can be downloaded from a computer under control Windows. Reported by ZDNet.

Company Microsoft ditched the development of Internet Explorer a few years ago, replacing it with the Edge browser. Despite this, the legacy program is still present in Windows 10, where it is used by default to open documents with the .mht extension. It is the mechanism for working with such documents that contains a flaw that allows you to get remote access to data stored on a PC. To become a victim of a hacker attack, the user just needs to open an infected file received, for example, by email.

Upon discovering the problem, John Page immediately notified about it Microsoft, but the company refused to release the patch. After that, the expert published detailed information about the vulnerability on his website.

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