VoLTE in the phone: what is it, how to turn it on and off


Recently, so many new technologies are being born that you can't keep up with them. But sometimes you still come across incomprehensible names and start 'googling' them, like, for example, the VoLTE option. She is already relatively old, but not everyone is familiar with her.

A little about VoLTE in simple words

How the VoLTE function works: it transmits the voice of the interlocutors not through a regular cellular channel, as with ordinary calls, but over the 4G Internet. At the same time, the operator does not count the traffic (number of MB) – you pay per minute at the rate that is currently on your number. That is, the function is free – you just get a better voice communication without extraneous noise and interruptions.

VoLTE connection

When VoLTE is enabled, your device will use the 4G Internet channel to transmit your voice

At the same time, it is not necessary for two interlocutors to have the function at once – even unilateral support will give positive changes. During a call, you can safely 'surf' the Internet at a high 4G speed (with regular calls, you are immediately switched to 3G automatically).

The option has drawbacks, of course. First, the battery energy is quickly lost (you must have a large battery).

Secondly, you have to manually switch between network types (3G, 4G). If only 4G technology is turned on, but you leave its stable zone, for example, go out of town, the phone will stop receiving incoming calls. For this reason, users often turn off VoLTE.

Which operators and phones support the option

The technology was first launched in 2014 by a Singaporean operator. Then this option was supported only by Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Now it is even in budget models released after 2014, including phones from companies Xiaomi, Apple, ZTE, Asus, Sony and others.

VoLTE icon

The top bar may display a VoLTE icon

To find out if your phone supports VoLTE or not, you just have to dig a little in the settings of mobile networks. If you now have it enabled, there may be a special icon with the name of the technology on the top bar of icons.

Mobile operators supporting the technology: MTS, Tele2, Megafon, Beeline. Of course, the coverage area does not cover all regions – only individual regions, including the capital.

How to enable and disable the function

For different mobile 'operating systems' and for smartphones from different brands, the course of action will be different.

Sony since Android 9.0

In this case, the instruction will be like this:

  1. Run settings. Select a section for network and internet. Open the 'Mobile communications' block.
  2. Click on advanced options and specify 4G as your preferred connection type.
  3. Go back one section and tap on the 'Enable VoLTE' slider: the blue color of the switch will indicate that the function is active, and gray – that it is disabled. VoLTE Activation on Sony

    Tap the VoLTE switch once


The scheme for smartphones of this brand will be as follows:

  1. Open the Phone app.
  2. Go to settings, then click on the line with VoLTE. In the window that appears, specify the value 'Use when possible' if you want to activate the option. VoLTE activation on Samsung

    In the dialog box, select a value depending on the purpose – enable or disable VoLTE

  3. If, on the contrary, you want to disable it, check the 'Do not use' option.


Step-by-step actions:

  1. Expand the settings menu. On wireless networks, tap More.
  2. Click on mobile networks. Wireless networks on the device Asus

    Click on 'More'

  3. Look at the status of the VoLTE line: if the toggle switch is On, then the function is enabled. If the switch is gray with the word Off, then the option is inactive. If necessary, tap the toggle switch once to change the option state.


Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Open the 'Cellular' block in the gadget settings.
  2. Click on the 'Data Options' line. Data parameters for configuring VoLTE to iPhone

    Go to data options

  3. Click on 'Enable LTE'. Set the value to 'Voice and data' if you want to activate VoLTE. If you want to disable the option, set the 'Data only' value. VoLTE activation at iPhone

    For the function to become active, you need to turn on the 'Voice & Data' mode


Let's talk more about setting up VoLTE for Xiaomi:

  1. In the settings, go directly to the 'SIM cards and mobile networks' block.
  2. Set the option switch to the desired position: blue icon – option active, gray – option disabled. VoLTE setup to Xiaomi

    Go to the first section for 'sims'

  3. Also go to the section with the parameters of your mobile operator. 4G should be installed as the preferred communication option.

VoLTE is a high-quality voice communication during phone calls. The option removes interference, noise, breaks, since the 4G Internet is used as a channel. Traffic does not count – only pay per minutes. If your phone was released after 2014, chances are it supports VoLTE. You can easily enable or disable the function in the mobile network settings.

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