Virtual disk. What are the best drive emulators (CD-Rom'a) programs?

Virtual disks and floppy drives Hello.

In this article I would like to touch on two things at once: a virtual disk and a floppy drive. In fact, they are interconnected, just below we will immediately make a short footnote to make it clearer what will be discussed in the article …

A virtual disk (popularly called a 'disk image' on the Internet) is a file whose size is usually equal to or slightly larger than the real CD / DVD disk from which this image was obtained. Images are often made not only from CDs, but also from hard disks or flash drives.

Virtual floppy drive (CD-Rom, floppy drive emulator) – roughly speaking, this is a program that can open an image and present you information on it as if it were a real disk. There are a lot of programs of this kind.

And so, further we will analyze the best programs for creating virtual disks and floppy drives.


  • The best software for working with virtual disks and floppy drives
    • 1. Daemon Tools
    • 2. Alcohol 120% / 52%
    • 3. Ashampoo Burning Studio Free
    • 4. Nero
    • 5. ImgBurn
    • 6. Clone CD / Virtual Clone Drive
    • 7. DVDFab Virtual Drive

The best software for working with virtual disks and floppy drives

1. Daemon Tools

2014-06-14 12_05_35-We suggest you download DAEMON Tools from the official website of products - DAEMON-Tols Lite version link:

One of the best programs for creating and emulating images. Supported formats for emulation: .mdx, .mds / .mdf, .iso, .b5t, .b6t, .bwt, .ccd, .cdi, .bin / .cue, .ape / .cue, .flac / .cue, .nrg, .isz.

Only three image formats can be created: .mdx, .iso, .mds. You can use the light version of the program for home free of charge (for non-commercial purposes). The link is given above.

After installing the program, another CD-Rom (virtual) appears in your system, which can open any images (see above) that you can only find on the Internet.

To mount the image: run the program, then right-click on the CD-Rom, and select the command from the menu

To mount the image: run the program, then right-click on the CD-Rom and select the 'mount' command from the menu.

To create an image, just run the program and select the 'create disk image' function.

Daemon Tools menu.

Daemon Tools menu.

After that, a window will pop up in which you need to select three things:

– the disk, the image of which will be obtained;

– image format (iso, mdf or mds);

– the place where the virtual disk (i.e. the image) will be saved.

Image creation window.

Image creation window.


One of the best programs for working with virtual disks and floppy drives. Its capabilities will probably be enough for the absolute majority of users. The program works very quickly, does not load the system, supports all the most popular versions Windows: XP, 7, 8.

2. Alcohol 120% / 52%

2014-06-14 12_48_50-Alcohol 52% Installation Link:

(to download Alcohol 52%, when you click on the link above, look for the download link at the very bottom of the page)

Direct competitor to Daemon tools, and many rate Alcohol even higher. In general, in terms of functionality, Alcohol is not inferior to Daemon Tools: the program can also create virtual disks, emulate them, and burn.

Why 52% and 120%? It's about the number of options. If in 120% you can create 31 virtual drives, then in 52% – only 6 (although 1-2 is more than enough for me), plus 52% cannot write images to CD / DVD discs. And of course, 52% is free, and 120% is a paid version of the program. But, by the way, at the time of this writing, 120% of the version is given for 15 days for trial use.

Personally, I have 52% version installed on my computer. A screenshot of the window is shown below. The basic functions are all there, you can quickly make any image and use it. There is also an audio converter, but I have never used it …

2014-06-14 12_51_03-Greenshot

3. Ashampoo Burning Studio Free

2014-06-14 13_02_40-Ashampoo® Burning Studio FREE - Overview Link:

This is one of the best programs for home use (and free). What can she do?

Work with audio discs, video, create and burn images, create images from files, burn to any (CD / DVD-R and RW) discs, etc.

For example, when working with an audio format, you can:

– create Audi o CD;

– create an MP3 disc (;

– copy music files to disk;

– transfer files from audio disc to hard drive in compressed format.

2014-06-14 13_07_49-Ashampoo Burning Studio FREE

With video discs it is also more than worthy: Video DVD, Video CD, Super Video CD.

2014-06-14 13_07_53-Ashampoo Burning Studio FREE


An excellent harvester that can easily replace a whole range of utilities of this kind. What is called – installed once – and you always use it. Of the main drawbacks, there is only one: you cannot open images in a virtual disk drive (it simply does not exist).

4. Nero

2014-06-14 13_14_56-Nero Burning ROM 2014 Free Trial Download _ Nero Burning ROM 2014 Site:

I could not ignore such a legendary package for recording discs, working with images, and in general, everything related to audio-video files.

With this package you can do everything: create, record, erase, edit, convert video-audio (almost any format), even print covers for recordable discs.


– A huge package in which everything is needed and not needed, many even 10 parts do not use the program's capabilities;

– paid program (free test is possible for the first two weeks of use);

– loads the computer heavily.


Personally, I have not used this package for a long time (which has already turned into a large 'combine'). But in general – the program is very decent, suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

5. ImgBurn

2014-06-14 13_23_28-The Official ImgBurn Website Website:

The program pleases from the very beginning of acquaintance: the site contains 5-6 links so that any user can easily download it (no matter what country he is from). Plus add to this a dozen of three different languages ​​supported by the program, among which there is Russian.

In principle, even without knowing English, this program will not be difficult to understand even for novice users. After starting, you will see a window with all the capabilities and functions that the program has. See screenshot below.

2014-06-14 13_29_13-ImgBurn

Allows you to create images of three types: iso, bin, img.


Nice freeware. If you use it in a compartment, for example, with Daemon Tools, then the possibilities will be enough 'for the eyes' …

6. Clone CD / Virtual Clone Drive

2014-06-14 13_35_24-SlySoft Download _ AnyDVD, CloneDVD, CloneCD, GameJackal, Any DVD, Clone DVD, Cl Website:

This is not one program, but two.

Clone CD is a paid (the first few days you can use it for free) program for creating images. Allows you to copy any discs (CD / DVD) with any degree of protection! Works very fast. What else I like about her: simplicity and minimalism. After starting, you understand that it is impossible to make a mistake in this program – there are only 4 buttons: create an image, burn an image, erase a disc and copy a disc.

Virtual Clone Drive is a free program for opening images. Supports several formats (the most popular ones are exactly ISO, BIN, CCD), allows you to create several virtual drives (drives). In general, a convenient and simple program usually comes in addition to Clone CD.

The main menu of the Clone CD program.

The main menu of the Clone CD program.

7. DVDFab Virtual Drive

2014-06-14 13_43_29-DVDFab Virtual Drive Website:

This program is useful for fans of DVD discs and movies. It is a virtual DVD / Blu-ray emulator.

Key features:

– Simulates up to 18 drivers; – Works with both DVD images and Blu-ray images; – Play Blu-ray ISO image file and Blu-ray folder (with .miniso file in it) saving to PC with PowerDVD 8 and above.

After installation, the program will hang in the tray.

2014-06-14 14_00_26-Sweet Page

If you right-click on the icon, a context menu with program options and capabilities will appear. Quite a handy program made in the style of minimalism.

2014-06-14 13_59_54-Program Manager


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