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video players Good day!

By default, Windows 10 already has a built-in player, but its convenience, to put it mildly, is far from ideal. Most likely because of this, many users are looking for third-party programs …

Probably, I won't be mistaken if I say that now there are dozens (if not hundreds) of all kinds of video players. To choose a really good player from this heap will take patience and time (especially if the favorite movie you just downloaded is not playing). In this article, I will give several players that I use myself (the programs are relevant for working with Windows 10 (although, in theory, everyone should work with Windows 7, 8)).

An important detail! Some players (which do not contain codecs) may not play certain files if you do not have codecs installed on your system. The best of them I have collected in this post, I recommend using it before installing the player.


  • KMPlayer
  • Media Player Classic
  • VLC Player
  • RealPlayer
  • 5KPlayer
  • Film cataloger



2016-05-09 10_04_05-KMPlayer

A very, very popular video player from Korean developers (by the way, pay attention to the slogan: 'we are losing everything!'). The slogan, to tell the truth, is justified: almost all the videos (well, 99%?) That you find on the network, you can open in this player!

Moreover, there is one important detail: this video player contains all the codecs that it needs to play files. Those. you do not need to search and download them separately (which is often the case with other players when a file refuses to play).

2016-05-09 10_45_25-Main window

The same cannot be said about the beautiful design and thoughtful interface. On the one hand, there are no extra buttons on the panels when starting the movie, on the other, if you go to the settings: there are hundreds of options! Those. the player is aimed at both novice users and more experienced users who need special playback settings.

Supports: DVD, VCD, AVI, MKV, Ogg Theora, OGM, 3GP, MPEG-1/2/4, WMV, RealMedia and QuickTime, etc. It is not surprising that it often appears in the list of the best players according to many sites and ratings . All in all, I recommend for everyday use in Windows 10!

Media Player Classic


2016-05-09 10_54_27-Media Player Classic

A very popular player for video files, but for some reason many users use it as a fallback. Perhaps due to the fact that this video player comes with many codecs and is installed with them by default (by the way, the player itself does not contain codecs, and therefore, before installing it, you need to install them).

2016-05-09 10_54_50-Media Player Classic - main window

Meanwhile, the player has a number of advantages, by which it outperforms many competitors:

  • low demands on PC resources (I made a note about this in the article on video slowdown. If you have a similar problem, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with:;
  • support for all popular video formats, including more rare ones: VOB, FLV, MKV, QT;
  • setting up hot keys;
  • the ability to play damaged (or not loaded) files (a very useful option, other players often just give an error and do not play the file!);
  • plugin support;
  • taking screenshots from video (useful / useless).

In general, I also recommend having it on your computer (even if you are not a big fan of films). The program does not take up much space on your PC, and will save time when you want to watch any video or movie.

VLC Player


2016-05-09 11_06_47-VLC Player

This player has (compared to other similar programs) one feature: it can play video from the network (streaming video). Many may argue with me, because there are still a number of programs that can do this. To which I will note that only a few units can play the video as he does it (no lags and brakes, no heavy CPU load, no compatibility problems, completely free, etc.)!

2016-05-09 11_06_07-VLC Player

Main advantages:

  • Plays a wide variety of video sources: video files, CD / DVD discs, folders (including network), external devices (flash drives, external drives, cameras, etc.), network streaming video, etc .;
  • Some codecs are already built into the player (for example, such popular ones as MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, MKV, WebM, WMV, MP3);
  • Support for all platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, iOS, Android (since the article about Windows 10 – I will say that it works fine on this OS);
  • Completely free: no built-in ad modules, spyware add-ons, scripts to track your actions, etc. (which other free software developers often like to do).

I recommend having it on your computer as well if you plan to watch video over the network. Although, on the other hand, this player will give odds to many even when playing video files from the hard disk (the same films) …



2016-05-09 11_19_01-RealPlayer

I would call this player underrated. He began his history in the 90s, and for all the time of his existence (as far as I estimate him) he has always been on the second or third roles. Perhaps the fact is that the turntable has always lacked something, some kind of 'zest' …

2016-05-09 11_29_34-real

Today, the media player plays almost everything that you find on the Internet: Quicktime MPEG-4, Windows Me dia, DVD, streaming audio and video and many other formats. It also has not a bad design, it has all the bells and whistles (equalizer, mixer, etc.), like competitors. The only drawback, in my opinion, is the slowdowns on weak PCs.

Key Features:

  • the ability to use the 'cloud' for storing video clips (several gigabytes are given for free, if you need more, you have to pay);
  • the ability to easily transfer video between PC and other mobile devices (with format conversion!);
  • watching video from the 'cloud' (moreover, this can be done, for example, by your friends, and not just you. Cool option, by the way. In most programs of this type, there is nothing like this (that's why I included this player in this review)).



2016-05-09 11_41_12-5k

A relatively 'young' player, but with a whole bunch of useful things at once:

  • The ability to watch videos from the popular YouTube hosting;
  • Built-in MP3 converter (useful when working with audio);
  • Convenient enough equalizer and tuner (for fine adjustment of the picture and sound, depending on your equipment and configuration);
  • Compatibility with AirPlay (for those who are not yet in the know – this is the name of the technology (better to say the protocol), which has developed Apple, with the help of which wireless streaming of data (audio, video, photo) between different devices).

2016-05-09 11_42_18-5k player

Of the shortcomings of this player, I can only highlight the lack of detailed subtitle settings (it can be a very useful thing when watching some video files). As for the rest, it is an excellent player with its own interesting unique options. I recommend to review!

Film cataloger

I think that if you are looking for a player, then this little note about the cataloger will probably be useful and interesting to you. Probably almost all of us have watched hundreds of films. Some on TV, some on a PC, some in cinemas. But if there was a catalog, a kind of organizer for films, in which all your videos (stored on a hard disk, CD / DVD media, flash drives, etc.) would be marked, it would be much more convenient! I would like to mention one of such programs now …

All my movies

Of. website:

2016-05-09 11_56_00-cataloguer

It looks like a very small program, but it contains dozens of useful functions: search and import of information about almost any movie; the ability to take notes; the ability to print your collection; tracking who has this or that disk (i.e. you will never forget that a month or two ago someone lent your disk to someone), etc. In it, by the way, it is even just convenient to search for films that I would like to watch (more on this below).

The program supports the Russian language, works in all popular versions Windows: XP, 7, 8, 10.

How to find and add a movie to the database

1) The first thing to do is to click the search button and add new films to the database (see screenshot below).

2016-05-09 12_09_18-Adding a movie

2) Further in the line 'Orig. title 'enter the approximate title of the movie and press the search button (screenshot below).

2016-05-09 12_12_08-Movie search

3) In the next step, the program will present dozens of films, the title of which represents the word that you entered. Moreover, the covers of the films, their original English titles (if the films are foreign), the year of release will be presented. In general, you will easily and quickly find what you wanted to see.

2016-05-09 12_12_55-Film selection

4) After you select a movie, all information about it (actors, release year, genres, country, description, etc.) will be loaded into your database and you can familiarize yourself with it in more detail. By the way, even screenshots from the film will be presented (very convenient, I'll tell you)!

2016-05-09 12_13_32-All information about the film

This concludes the article. All good videos and high-quality viewing. For additions on the topic of the article – I will be very grateful.

Good luck!

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