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video editors-in-Russian Good day everyone!

With the development of computer technology, work with video becomes available to almost every computer user. You just need to select the appropriate software to start working easily and easily.

Actually, I wanted to present such programs in this article. When preparing this article, I paid special attention to two facts: the program must be in Russian and the program must be aimed at a beginner (so that any user can create a video in it and easily edit it).

Bolide Movie Creator


Figure:  1. Main window

Figure: 1. Bolide Movie Creator main window.

A very, very interesting video editor. What is most captivating about it: downloaded, installed and you can work (you don't need to look for anything or additionally download or study anything, in general, everything is designed for ordinary users who practically did not work with video editors). I recommend to review!


  1. Support for all popular OS Windows 7, 8, 10 (32/64 bits);
  2. Intuitive interface, easy to understand even for a novice user;
  3. Support for all popular video formats: AVI, MPEG, AVI, VOB, MP4, DVD, WMV, 3GP, MOV, MKV (that is, you can immediately load any video from the disc into the editor without any converters);
  4. The set includes some visual effects and transitions (no need to download anything additionally);
  5. You can add an unlimited number of audio-video tracks, overlay pictures, text recordings, and more.


  1. The program is paid (although there is a free period, which wins trust).
  2. There are many options, but for an experienced user some of the options may not be enough.

Video editing


Figure:  2. VIDEO MONTAGE (main window).

Figure: 2. VIDEO MONTAGE (main window).

Another video editor aimed at novice users. It differs from other similar programs in one thing: all operations with video are broken down in steps! At each step, everything is divided into categories, which means that the video can be edited quite easily and quickly. Using such a program, you can create your own videos without having any knowledge in the field of video at all!


  1. Support for the Russian language and popular versions Windows;
  2. Support for a huge number of video formats: AVI, MP4, MKV, MOV, VOB, FLV, etc. I think it makes no sense to list them all. The program can easily combine several videos of different formats into one !;
  3. Easily insert screensavers, pictures, photos and title pages into videos;
  4. Dozens of transitions, splash screens, templates already built into the program;
  5. DVD creation module;
  6. The editor is suitable for editing 720p and 1020p videos (Full HD), so you will no longer see blur and jaggedness in your videos!


  1. Not many specials. effects and transitions.
  2. Trial period (paid program).

Movavi video editor


Figure:  3. Movavi video editor.

Figure: 3. Movavi video editor.

Another convenient video editor in Russian. It is often noted by computer publications as one of the most convenient for beginners (for example, PC Magazine and IT Expert).

The program allows you to quickly and easily cut out all unnecessary from all your videos, add what you need, glue everything together, insert screensavers and explanatory titles and get a high quality video at the output. All this can now be done not only by a professional, but also by an ordinary user with the Movavi editor!


  1. A bunch of video formats that the program will read and be able to import (AVI, MOV, MP4, MP3, WMA, etc., there are more than a hundred of them!);
  2. Relatively low system requirements for this type of software;
  3. Quick import of photos, videos into the program window;
  4. A large number of effects (there are even such that the video can be made slow-motion for the movie 'The Matrix');
  5. High speed of the program, allows you to quickly compress and edit videos;
  6. The ability to prepare a video for uploading it to popular Internet services (YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and other sites).


  1. Many people say that the design of the program is not very convenient (you have to 'jump' back and forth). At the same time, everything is quite clear from the description of certain options;
  2. Despite the abundance of functions, some of them are of little relevance for the majority of 'average' users;
  3. The program is paid.

Film studio from Microsoft


Figure:  4. Film studio (main window)

Figure: 4. Film studio (main window)

I could not fail to include one of the most common programs in this list of programs (it used to be bundled with Windows, now you need to download it separately) – Film Studio from Microsoft!

Probably, it is one of the easiest for beginners to learn. By the way, this program is a receiver of the well-known, many experienced users, Windows Movie Maker …


  1. Convenient overlay of titles (just insert an object and it will be displayed immediately);
  2. Easy and quick video adding (just drag and drop it with the mouse);
  3. Support for a large number of video formats at the entrance (add everything that you have on your computer, phone, camera without preliminary preparation!);
  4. The resulting video will be saved at the output in high-quality WMV format (supported by most PCs, various gadgets, smartphones, etc.);
  5. Free.


  1. A little awkward interface for working with a large number of videos (beginners, as a rule, are not carried away with a large number of videos …);
  2. Takes up a lot of disk space (especially recent versions).


By the way, who is only interested in free editors – I had a small note on my blog for a long time:

Good luck?

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