Valve is preparing an update to improve performance on SteamVR


They want to make virtual reality a little more accessible.

Valve has partnered with HTC, maker of virtual reality glasses Vive, to introduce a technology to Steam called Motion Smoothing.

Its principle of operation is that when performance drops, it draws up the missing frames based on the previous two and the player's actions. In other words, the game itself will need to render only one frame instead of two.

Accordingly, this technology will significantly reduce the system requirements for games designed for VR. At the same time, Motion Smoothing will allow top-end video cards to display images in higher resolution at the same frame rate.

However, this cannot be called a novelty or a breakthrough: a similar technology already exists for the Oculus Rift glasses, where it is called Asynchronous Spacewarp.

The beta version of Motion Smoothing is already available on Steam: to activate it, you need to select the 'beta – SteamVR Beta Update' item in the beta versions section in the SteamVR application properties. However, now only owners of Windows 10 and video cards from NVIDIA will be able to test the technology.

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