Update Adobe Flash Player (freezes and slows down the video – solution)

update-flash-player Good day.

Many dynamic applications on sites (including videos) are played in browsers thanks to the Adobe Flash Player (flash player, as many call it). Sometimes, due to various conflicts (for example, incompatibility of software or drivers), the flash player may start to behave unstable: for example, the video on the site will freeze, play jerky, slow down …

It is sometimes not easy to solve this problem, most often you have to resort to updating the Adobe Flash Player (moreover, sometimes you have to change not the old version to the new one, but, on the contrary, delete the new one and install the stably working old one). I wanted to tell you how to do this in this article …

Adobe Flash Player update

Usually, everything happens quite simply: the browser starts flashing a reminder to update Flash Player.

Then you need to go to the address: https://get.adobe.com/en/flashplayer/

The system on the site will automatically detect your OS Windows, its bit depth, your browser and offer to update and download the exact version of Adobe Flash Player that you need. It remains only to agree to the installation by clicking on the corresponding button (see Fig. 1).

2015-08-09 09_46_24-flashplayer update

Figure: 1.updating Flash Player

Important! Updating Adobe Flash Player to the latest version does not always improve the stability and performance of your PC. Often the situation is the opposite: with the old version everything worked as it should, after the update, some sites and services freeze, the video slows down and does not play. So it happened with my PC, which started to freeze when playing streaming video just after updating Flash Player (about solving this problem later in the article) …

Rollback to the old version of Adobe Flash Player (if problems are observed, for example, video slows down, etc.)

In general, of course, it is best to use the latest driver and software updates, including Adobe Flash Player. I recommend using the older version only in cases where the new one is unstable.

In order to install the required version of Adobe Flash Player, you must first uninstall the old one. For this, there will be enough capabilities of the Windows itself: you need to go to the control panel / programs / programs and components. Then find the name 'Adobe Flash Player' in the list and delete it (see Fig. 2).

Figure:  2.deleting a flash player

Figure: 2.deleting a flash player

After removing the flash player – on many sites where, for example, you can watch the Internet broadcast of a channel – you will see a reminder to install Adobe Flash Player (as in Fig. 3).

Figure:  3. Unable to play video because there is no Adobe Flash Player.

Figure: 3. Unable to play video because there is no Adobe Flash Player.

Now you need to go to the address: https://get.adobe.com/en/flashplayer/otherversions/ and click the 'Archived versions of Flash Player' link (see Fig. 4).

Figure:  five.

Figure: 4. Archived versions of Flash Player

Next, you will see a list with a huge variety of Flash Player versions. If you know which version you need, choose and install it. If not, it is logical to choose the one that was before the update and in which everything worked, most likely this version is 3-4 in the list.

As a last resort, you can download several versions and try them one by one …

Figure:  5. Archived Versions - You can select the desired version.

Figure: 5. Archived Versions – You can select the desired version.

The downloaded archive must be extracted (the best free archivers: https://pcpro100.info/vyibor-arhivatora-luchshie-besplatnyie-arhivatoryi/) and run the installation (see Fig. 6).

Figure:  6.start the unpacked archive with Flash Player

Figure: 6.start the unpacked archive with Flash Player

By the way, some browsers check the version of plugins, add-ons, flash player – and if the version is not the newest, they start to warn about it that you need to update. In general, if you are forced to install an older version of Flash Player, then it is better to disable this reminder.

In Mozilla Firefox, for example, to turn off this reminder, you need to open the settings page: enter about: config in the address bar. Then set the value of extensions.blocklist.enabled to false (see Figure 7).

Figure:  7.

Figure: 7. Disable reminder to update flash player and plugins


This concludes the article. All good work of the player and the absence of brakes when watching a video?

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