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not-installing-programs Hello.

Probably, there is not a single computer user who would not encounter errors when installing and removing programs. Moreover, such procedures have to be done quite often.

In this relatively short article, I would like to dwell on the most common reasons due to which it is impossible to install the program on the OS Windows, as well as give a solution to each problem.


1. 'Broken' program ('installer')

I'm not lying if I say that this is the most common reason! Broken – this means the installer of the program itself was damaged, for example, during a virus infection (or during treatment with an antivirus – often antiviruses disinfect a file, it is 'crippled' (made not run)).

In addition, in our time, programs can be downloaded from hundreds of resources on the network and I should note that not all programs are of high quality. It is possible that you have just a broken installer – in this case, I recommend downloading the program from the official website and restarting the installation.

2. Incompatibility of the program with the OS Windows

A very common reason for the impossibility of installing the program, given that most users do not even know which OS Windows they have installed (this is not only about the version Windows: XP, 7, 8, 10 , but also about 32 or 64 bits).

By the way, I advise you to read about the bit depth in this article:

Как узнать разрядность системы Windows 7, 8, 10 — 32 или 64 бита (x32, x64, x86)?

The point is that most programs for 32bits systems will work on 64bits systems (but not vice versa!). It is important to note that the category of programs such as antiviruses, disk emulators and the like: it is not worth installing in an OS of a different bit depth!

3. NET Framework

Also a very common problem is a problem with the NET Framework package. It is a software platform for the compatibility of various applications written in different programming languages.

There are several different versions of this platform. By the way, for example, NET Framework version 3.5.1 is installed by default in the OS Windows 7.

Important! Each program needs its own version of the NET Framework (and not always the newest one). Sometimes, programs require a specific version of the package, and if you do not have it (but only newer), the program will give an error …

How can I find out my Net Framework version?

In OS Windows 7 / 8 it is quite easy to do this: for this you need to go to the control panel at: Control Panel \ Programs \ Programs and Features.

Then click on the link 'Enable or disable components Windows' (left in the column).

Installed updates-08-07-54

Microsoft NET Framework 3.5.1 on OS Windows 7.

More details about this package: https://pcpro100.info/microsoft-net-framework/

4. Microsoft Visual C ++

A very common package used to write many applications and games. By the way, most often errors of the kind 'Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Error …' are related to games.

There are many reasons for this kind of errors, so if you see a similar error, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with: https://pcpro100.info/microsoft-visual-c-runtime-library/

5. DirectX

This package is mainly used by games. Moreover, games are usually 'sharpened' for a specific version of DirectX and to run it you need this particular version. Most often, the required DirectX version is included with the games on the discs.

To find out the version of DirectX installed in Windows, open the 'Start' menu and in the 'Run' line enter the command 'DXDIAG' (then press Enter).

DXDIAG launch

Running DXDIAG in OS Windows 7.

More details about DirectX: https://pcpro100.info/directx/

6. Installation site …

Some software developers believe that their software can only be installed on the 'C:' drive. Naturally, if the developer did not foresee it, then after installation on another disk (for example, on 'D:', the program refuses to work!).


– first completely uninstall the program, and then try to install it by default;

– do not put Russian characters in the installation path (because of them, errors are often poured in).

C: \ Program Files (x86) \ – correct

C: \ Programs \ – not correct

7. Lack of DLL libraries

There are such system files with the DLL extension. These are dynamic libraries that contain the necessary functions for running programs. Sometimes it happens that the OS Windows does not have the required dynamic library (for example, this can happen when installing various 'assemblies' Windows).

The simplest solution is to see which file is missing and then download it on the Internet.

not dll

Missing binkw32.dll

8. Trial period (ended?)

Many programs allow you to use them for free only for a certain period of time (this period is usually called a trial period – so that the user can be convinced of the need for this program before paying for it. Moreover, some of the programs are quite expensive).

Users often use the program with a trial period, then uninstall it, and then want to install it again … In this case, there will be either an error, or, more likely, a window will appear asking developers to buy this program.


– reinstall Windows and reinstall the program (usually this helps to reset the trial period, but the method is extremely inconvenient);

– use a free analogue;

– buy the program …

9. Viruses and antiviruses

Not often, but it happens that Anti-Virus interferes with the installation, which blocks a 'suspicious' installer file (by the way, almost all antiviruses consider installer files suspicious, and always recommend downloading such files only from official sites).


– if you are sure of the quality of the program, disable the antivirus and try to install the program again;

– it is possible that the program installer has been corrupted by a virus: then you need to download it;

– I recommend checking your computer with one of the popular antivirus programs (https://pcpro100.info/luchshie-antivirusyi-2016/)

10. Drivers

For greater confidence, I recommend running some program that can automatically check if all your drivers are updated. It is possible that the cause of program errors is in old or missing drivers.

https://pcpro100.info/obnovleniya-drayverov/ – the best software for updating drivers in Windows 7 / 8.

11. If all else fails …

It also happens that there are no visible and obvious reasons due to which it is impossible to install the program in the OS Windows. On one computer, the program works, on another with exactly the same OS and hardware – no. What to do? In this case, it is often easier not to look for an error, but simply to try to restore Windows or simply reinstall it (although I myself am not a supporter of such a solution, sometimes the time saved is more expensive).

That's all for today, all successful work Windows!

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