Tricky and dangerous: a virus was detected in Windows 10

The other day, experts noticed an extremely dangerous and unpleasant virus in Windows 10. What is he like and how to protect your computer from attack?

What is this virus and how it works

This malicious program is distributed by the hacker group Zacinlo. They somehow managed to bypass the protection of the operating system Windows and force users to view ads.

The researchers noted that almost 90% of the computers that were infected were using the platform Windows 10, although it is on this platform that is implemented resistant to attacks, preventing malware from entering the root folders.

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Experts say that users need to be especially vigilant and careful. The virus is perfectly camouflaged, it can live in your system and remain completely unnoticed. In most cases, it starts showing ads to victims or imitates clicks on advertisements, and is also capable of taking and sending screenshots from the monitor screen. Thus, cybercriminals are trying to make money from advertising on the Internet.

Laptop with Windows 10

How to detect and protect your computer

According to TV channel 360, the virus can get on your personal computer under the guise of the free anonymous VPN service s5Mark. You install the application yourself, after which the virus starts downloading additional malicious components. Experts admit that this service has always been considered dubious in terms of safety of use.

The virus was most widespread among residents of the United States, but the problem also affected some countries in Europe, India and China. The very variety of this virus is extremely rare, found in only 1% of cases. This is due to the fact that such viruses have a very good ability to camouflage and can reside on the user's computer for several years, and he will not even know about it.

If you suspect that you have picked up this particular virus, run a system file scan in recovery mode.

Be careful and don't fall for cybercriminals' tricks on the Internet!

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