Top main Yandex developments in technology in 2018

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New technologies and services of Yandex in 2018 turned out to be designed for completely different users. The company pleased gadget lovers with a smart speaker and a smartphone; those who often make online purchases – the new 'Beru' platform; and fans of old Russian cinema – by launching a network that improves the quality of films shot long before the appearance of 'digital'.

Main Yandex developments in 2018: top 10

In 2018, Yandex once again confirmed its reputation as a company that does not stand still and constantly presents new breakthrough developments – to the delight of users and the envy of competitors.

Phone with voice assistant

The smartphone from Yandex was officially unveiled on December 5. The device based on Android 8.1 is equipped with a voice assistant 'Alice', which, if necessary, can work as a telephone directory; alarm clock; a navigator for those who travel to work in traffic jams; as well as a caller ID – in cases when someone unfamiliar calls. A smartphone is really capable of identifying the owners of even those mobile phones that are not included in the subscriber's address book. After all, 'Alice' will try to quickly find all the necessary information on the Web.


Smart speaker

Multimedia platform 'Yandex. Station 'outwardly resembles the most ordinary music column. Although the range of its capabilities, of course, is much wider. With the built-in voice assistant 'Alice' the device can:

  • play music 'ordered' by its owner;
  • report information about the weather outside the window;
  • act as an interlocutor if the speaker suddenly became lonely and wanted to talk to someone.

In addition, Yandex. Station 'can be connected to the TV to change channels via voice control, without using the remote control.


'Yandex. Dialogues'

The new platform is designed for business representatives who would like to ask their potential clients a number of questions. In Dialogues, you can do this in chat directly on the Yandex search page, without going to the business company's website. The system presented in 2018 provides for setting up a chat bot, as well as connecting a voice assistant. The new option has already attracted the interest of many representatives of sales and support services of companies.


'Yandex. Food'

The most delicious Yandex service was also launched in 2018. The project provides fast (timing is 45 minutes) delivery of food from partner restaurants to users. The choice of dishes is varied: from healthy food to unhealthy fast food. You can order kebabs, Italian and Georgian dishes, Japanese soups, culinary creations for vegetarians and children. The service is still valid only in large cities, but in the future it can be scaled up to regions.


Artificial neural network

The DeepHD network was presented in May. Its main advantage is the ability to improve the quality of video recordings. First of all, we are talking about pictures taken in the pre-digital era. For the first experiment, seven films about the Great Patriotic War were taken, including those that were shot in the 1940s. The films were processed using SuperResolution technology, which removed the existing defects and increased the sharpness of the picture.

An example of processing a frame from an old movie using SuperResolution

Marketplace Beru

This is a joint project between Yandex and Sberbank. As conceived by the creators, the 'Beru' platform should help users to make online purchases, making this process as simple as possible. Now the marketplace presents 9 categories of goods, including goods for children, electronics and household appliances, pet supplies, medical products and food. The platform has been operating in full force since the end of October. Prior to that, Beru had been operating in test mode for half a year (which did not prevent it from accepting and delivering 180,000 orders to customers).

Marketplace Take from Yandex and Sberbank

Public cloud platform

'Yandex. The cloud is targeted at companies looking to expand their business on the Web, but face challenges in the form of a lack of funds or technological capabilities. The public cloud platform provides access to unique Yandex technologies that can be used to create services and Internet applications. At the same time, the system of tariffs for using the company's developments is very flexible and provides for a number of discounts.


Car sharing

Short-term car rental service 'Yandex. Drive 'started working in the capital at the end of February. The cost of renting new Kia Rio and Renault was set at 5 rubles per 1 minute of travel. To make it easy for the user to find and quickly book a car, the company has developed a special application. It is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.


Primary school textbook

The free service should help primary school teachers in their work. The platform allows online testing of students' knowledge of the Russian language and mathematics. Moreover, the teacher only gives the students tasks, and the service will check the tests and tasks. Students can complete tasks both at school and at home.


'Yandex. A plus'

At the end of spring, Yandex announced the launch of a single subscription to several of its services – Music, KinoPoisk, Disk, Taxi, and a number of others. The company tried to combine all the most popular and the best in a subscription. For 169 rubles a month, subscribers, in addition to access to services, can get:

  • permanent discounts for trips to Yandex. Taxi';
  • free shipping to Yandex. Market '(provided that the cost of the purchased goods is equal to or exceeds the amount of 500 rubles);
  • the ability to watch films in 'Kinopoisk' without advertising;
  • additional space (10 GB) on Yandex. Disk '.


The list of new products from Yandex in 2018 also includes projects related to culture ('I am in the theater'), preparation for passing the exam ('Yandex. Tutor'), the development of bicycle routes (this option is now available in 'Yandex. Maps') , as well as paid consultations of professional doctors (in Yandex. Health for 99 rubles you can get address advice from pediatricians, gynecologists and therapists). As far as the search engine itself is concerned, the search results on it began to be supplemented with reviews and ratings. And this, too, did not go unnoticed by users.

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