Top 30 most expensive domains in the entire history of the Internet


Domain – the address of a site on the network. The attractiveness of a company or blog depends partly on its beauty and semantic content. The most expensive domains are either short, consisting of 4-5 letters, or are common words (life, game, sun, etc.). We have compiled a ranking of the most expensive domain names in the history of the Internet. The company is engaged in life, health, car insurance. Domain price: $ 35 million, purchased in 2010.

Domain The site is dedicated to travel rental. The domain cost the owners $ 35 million and was acquired in 2007.

Domain The company allows you to organize a flight in a private jet. Focused on entrepreneurs. Domain price: $ 30 million.

Domain Domain sale / purchase company. It is here that the English-speaking population prefers to purchase an address for their future website. Domain price: $ 18 million, was purchased in 2009.

Domain Now this site offers to download a free antivirus '360 Total Security'. Domain price: $ 17 million, sold in 2015.

Domain Another organization providing insurance. Domain price: $ 16 million.

Domain The site was created for investors who want to invest in a promising project / startup. Domain price: 9 million pounds.

Domain A site with adult content. Domain price: $ 13 million, purchased in 2010. The resource provides services for booking hotels and rooms around the world. Domain price: $ 11 million.

Domain Another containing adult content. Domain price: 9.5 million. Third site with adult content in the top. Domain price: 8.8 million. Purchased by the social network Facebook as a short address for accessing the site. Domain price: $ 8.5 million.

Domain An informational site on which materials for businessmen are laid out – articles, cases, advice. Domain price: $ 7.5 million, was purchased in the last century – in 1999.

Domain One of the largest stores selling precious jewelry. Domain price: $ 7.5 million.

Domain 'Beer' – exactly such a domain was sold in 2004 for 7 million. It is now available for purchase again. Company service Apple. Domain price: $ 6 million. domain Official website of the State of Israel. Domain price: $ 5.88 million.

Domain The name of the site speaks for itself – they play here in an online casino. Domain price: $ 5.5 million. Gambling site. Domain price: $ 5.5 million.

Domain Famous American toy store. Domain price: $ 5 million.

Domain The address of the largest social network in Russia. Purchased for $ 6 million.

Domain The official website of the news organization Komsomolskaya Pravda. Domain price: $ 3 million.

Domain The website of the Russian government (gov – short for government – state). Cost the authorities $ 3 million.

Domain The main economic site of the country. We bought a domain for 2 million.

Domain The leader in the field of postal services, a major news portal. Domain price: $ 1.97 million.

Domain Once a large search engine, which eventually yielded the palm to Yandex. Domain price: $ 1.79 million.

Domain Little known computer supermarket. But the site address is short and simple. They paid $ 1.77 million for it.

Domain The main search engine of the Runet. Domain price: $ 1.65 million.

Domain Portal of the information company RIA Novosti. Domain price: $ 1.64 million.

Domain Official website of the Internet provider RosTelecom. Domain price: $ 1.51 million.

Domain at one time was sold for a record 872 million dollars, which is approximately 52 billion rubles in our currency.

We talked about 20 extremely expensive domains in the world and 10 Russian domains that cost more than some successful business companies.

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