Top 10 Free VPN Services

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VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, it is something like a secure tunnel between two points on the Internet. In such a service, your data will be invulnerable, no one will be able to transmit a virus to you or get into your personal life.

Top 10 Free VPN Services


Top 10 Free VPN Services

This service involves a free connection to a choice of one of seven servers in different countries. Its main advantage is the ability to configure connections through the operating system.

FreeVPN.Me has no traffic limits and provides AES encryption. The only negative is the constantly changing password. Companies don't want to load their servers and change access passwords quite often.

FreeVPN.Me is used on devices with built-in VPN services such as Windows, Android, Mac.

Hotspot Shield

Top 10 Free VPN Services

Shareware software that protects your online presence and makes it completely invisible to sites trying to determine your IP address. This program is open to all users, regardless of where they are geographically.

It provides anonymity and circumvention of censorship on the Internet. Hotspot Shield has many advantages, such as free access, compactness, unlimited bandwidth, and easy installation. The only drawback is that there are too many ads, they pop up in every window, wherever you go.


Top 10 Free VPN Services

Despite the fact that this service has been operating since 2010 and its type of encryption is not the most advanced, SecurityKiss is considered to be quite reliable and easy to use. One of the useful security features is an emergency disconnect from the internet.

SecurityKiss problem – log storage policy. The company does not collect user data, but it stores some information for 10 days, and only then deletes it.

Finch VPN

Top 10 Free VPN Services

This very simple VPN attracts with its free version and low prices for the three subscription plans available.

For a low price, this is a very high quality service. All information is strictly confidential, no personal data is saved when paying, that is, even if you pay with a credit card, anonymity is guaranteed.

Finch VPN can work with different types of internet connections. A stable and highly flexible system that works on any device and platform.


Top 10 Free VPN Services

Simple and understandable even for dummies, the service has the world's most powerful AES encryption. Compatible with many devices except Apple.

It has several great features: prevents data leakage, protects the device when VPN breaks, warns about insufficiently protected sites. TunnelBear has high speed connection and additional browser extensions.


Top 10 Free VPN Services

The service has a well-developed infrastructure and fairly low prices. It is very easy to use and compatible with all devices and platforms.

HideIPVPN provides unlimited traffic at maximum speed. The actions of users on the network are not tracked, that is, complete anonymity is provided.

There is 24/7 technical support and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The service provides detailed instructions for installing on various devices and has a tab with frequently asked questions.


Top 10 Free VPN Services

Tor is a proxy server system. At startup, it creates a chain of computers and transfers data over it. This chain is automatically changed every 10 minutes.

The service contains several layers of encryption, that is, each computer has its own cipher. Tor completely hides the IP address and distributes the network, while providing high speed, complete prevention of information leakage and protection from virus programs.

Proton VPN

Top 10 Free VPN Services

Simple yet advanced data protection service. One of its advantages is a secure core, thanks to which the user's traffic is passed through the servers of Scotland and Iceland, this allows you to hide the IP address. Proton VPN can be installed on devices with platforms Windows and Android. It's easy to use and easy to customize.

VPN Reactor


The free service offers maximum privacy on the internet with instant access. Very easy to install and use. Works on all platforms including Android, Ipod, Unix and more.



A cloud service that connects multiple devices for faster network access. The program automatically transfers packages of devices to a working connection, without requiring additional settings, switching independently through the available devices.

All traffic is automatically encrypted by the service. You can choose your virtual location, servers are located in 12 countries. Speedify can be installed on any modern operating system. The service is free if you consume up to 1 GB of traffic per month. If the user needs more GB, the price will be approximately $ 50 per year.

VPN services have many advantages: security, anonymity, choice of location, traffic protection and free internet without censorship, so they are increasingly used to access the internet.

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