Top 10 Free Antivirus for Computers on Windows

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Without antivirus now – and not here and not here. For many users, this is a basic program that should be installed immediately after installation Windows (in principle, this judgment is correct (on the one hand)).

On the other hand, the number of software defenders is already in the hundreds and choosing the right one is not always easy and quick. In this short article, I want to focus on the best (according to my version) free versions for a home computer or laptop.

All links are presented to the official websites of the developers.

Avast! Free Antivirus


2016-04-16 08_11_41-avast

One of the best free antivirus software out there, it's no surprise that over 230 million users worldwide use it. After installing it, you get not only full protection against viruses, but also protection against spyware, various ad modules, and Trojans.

Avast! Screens They monitor PC operations in real time: traffic, e-mail, file downloads, and in general, almost all user actions, thanks to which 99% of threats are eliminated! In general: I recommend that you get acquainted with this option and test the work.

Kaspersky Free Anti-Virus


2016-04-16 08_18_23-kaspersky

The renowned Russian antivirus, which does not praise, perhaps only lazy :). Despite the fact that the free version is heavily curtailed (it lacks parental control, Internet traffic monitoring, etc.), in general it provides a very good level of protection against most threats found on the network. By the way, all popular versions Windows are supported: 7, 8, 10.

In addition, we must not forget one small nuance: all these vaunted foreign defender programs, as a rule, are far from the Runet and our 'popular' viruses and adware modules get to them much later, which means updates (so that it can protect against these problems) will come out later. From this point of view, +1 for the Russian manufacturer.

360 Total Security


2016-04-16 08_23_03-360

A very, very good antivirus with good databases and regular updates. In addition, it is distributed free of charge and contains modules for optimizing and speeding up your PC. On my own I note that it is still 'heavy' (despite its optimization modules) and your computer will definitely not work faster after installing it.

Despite everything, the capabilities of 360 Total Security are quite extensive (and it can give odds even to some paid installation and elimination of critical vulnerabilities in Windows, a quick and complete system check, recovery, cleaning up junk files, optimizing services, real-time protection, etc.

Avira Free Antivirus


2016-04-16 08_29_16-antivirus-umbrella

The famous German program with a fairly good degree of protection (by the way, it is believed that the German product is of high quality and works like a clock. I don't know if this judgment applies to software, but it actually works like a clock!).

What impresses the most is the low system requirements. Even on relatively weak machines, Avira Free Antivirus works reasonably well. The disadvantages of the free version are a small amount of advertising. For the rest – only positive ratings!

Panda Free Antivirus


2016-04-16 09_25_15-Panda

A very light antivirus (light – because it consumes little system resources), which performs all actions in the cloud. It works in real time and protects you when you play, when surfing the Internet, when downloading new files.

This option is also supported by the fact that you don't need to configure it in any way – that is, once installed and forgotten, 'Panda' will continue to work and protect your computer in automatic mode!

By the way, the database is large enough, thanks to which it removes most threats quite well.

Microsoft Security Essentials


2016-04-16 12_09_33-defender

In general, if you are the owner of a new version Windows (8, 10), then Microsoft Security Essentials is already built into your defender. If not, then you can download and install it separately (the link is given above).

The anti-virus is quite good, it does not load the CPU with 'left' tasks (i.e. does not slow down the PC), does not take up much disk space, and protects in real time. In general, a very solid product.

AVG AntiVirus Free


2016-04-16 12_19_55-avg

A good and reliable antivirus that detects and removes viruses not only those that it has in the database, but even those that are absent in it.

In addition, the program has modules for finding spyware and other malicious software (for example, the ubiquitous advertising tabs embedded in browsers). Of the shortcomings, I would single out one: from time to time (during operation) it loads the CPU with checks (rechecks), which is annoying.

Comodo AntiVirus


2016-04-16 12_27_18-comodo

The free version of this antivirus is designed for basic protection against viruses and other malware. Among the advantages that can be distinguished: light and simple interface, high speed of work, low system requirements.

Key features:

  • heuristic analysis (detects even unknown new viruses that are not in the database);
  • proactive protection in real time;
  • daily and automatic database updates;
  • isolation of suspicious files in quarantine.

Zillya! Antivirus Free


2016-04-16 12_34_34-Z

A relatively young program from Ukrainian developers shows quite mature results. I would especially like to note the well-thought-out interface, which does not overload the beginner with unnecessary questions and settings. For example, if everything is in order with your PC, you will see only 1 button, notifying that there are no problems (this is a significant plus, given that many other antiviruses literally fill up with various windows and pop-up messages).

You can also note a fairly good database (more than 5 million viruses!), Which is updated daily (which is another plus to the reliability of your system).

Ad-Aware Free Antivirus +


2016-04-16 12_41_51-A

Despite the fact that this utility has problems with the “Russian language”, I also recommend it for acquaintance. The fact is that she no longer specializes in viruses, but in various ad modules, malicious add-ons for browsers, etc. (which are often embedded when installing various software (especially downloaded from unfamiliar sites)).

This concludes my review, good choice?

The best information protection is a timely backup (how to make a backup –!

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