The reason for the appearance of 'artifacts' on the screen

My PC turns on and artifacts appear on the screen. I don't know what the reason is: one vidyukha burned out, put the second one – it worked for 5 days, then this one burned out too. What's the problem?


Expert answer:

Hello Sergey! Specify, after the first burnt out video card, did you check the cause of what happened? And in the future, accordingly, eliminated it? If not, the reason was not identified and eliminated, then the situation will continue to repeat itself. There is an article on our site dedicated to this problem. Also, if none of the things described in it suit you, then we strongly advise you to contact the service center before buying and installing a video card to identify the true cause of the combustion of computer components.

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Avatar Andrey PonomarevProfessional assistance in setting up, administering, reinstalling any programs and operating systems of the family Windows.

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