The program is not removed. How to uninstall any program

not-remove-program Good day. I recently received one question from a user. I will quote verbatim:

'Greetings. Please tell me how to uninstall the program (one game). In general, I go to the control panel, find the installed programs, press the delete button – the program is not deleted (some error appears and that's it)! Is there any way how to remove any program from the PC? I use OS Windows 8. Thank you in advance, Mikhail … '

In this article I want to answer this question in detail (especially since it is asked quite often). So…

Most users use the standard utility Windows to add and remove programs. To remove this or that program, you need to go to the control panel Windows and select the 'remove programs' item (see fig. 1).

Figure:  1. Programs and Features - Windows 10

Figure: 1. Programs and Features – Windows 10

But relatively often, when uninstalling programs in this way, various kinds of errors occur. Most often, such problems arise:

– with games (apparently the developers do not care much about the fact that their game will someday need to be removed from the computer);

– with various toolbars and add-ons for browsers (this is generally a separate topic …). As a rule, many of these add-ons can be immediately classified as viral, and their usefulness is questionable (apart from showing ads on the floor of the screen 'benefits').

If uninstalling the program via 'Add or Remove Programs' (sorry for the tautology) did not work, I recommend using the following utilities: Geek Uninstaller or Revo Uninstaller .

Geek Uninstaller

Developer site:

Figure:  2. Geek Uninstaller - main window

Figure: 2. Geek Uninstaller – main window

A great little utility for removing any programs! Works in all popular OS Windows: XP, 7, 8, 10.

Allows you to see all installed programs in Windows, perform a forced uninstallation (which will be relevant for non-removable programs in the usual way), and besides this, Geek Uninstaller will be able to clean up all the 'tails' remaining after uninstalling software (for example, various kind of registry entry).

By the way, the so-called 'tails' are usually not removed by standard means Windows, which does not have a very good effect on the work Windows (especially if there is too much of this 'garbage').

What makes Geek Uninstaller especially attractive:

– the ability to manually delete an entry in the registry (as well as learn it, see Fig. 3);

– the ability to find out the installation folder of the program (thus also remove it manually);

– find out the official site of any installed program.

Figure:  3. Program features

Figure: 3. Features of Geek Uninstaller

Bottom line: the program is in the style of minimalism, there is nothing superfluous. At the same time, a good tool within the scope of its tasks, allows you to remove all software installed in Windows. Convenient and fast!

Revo Uninstaller

Developer site:

One of the best utilities to remove unwanted applications from Windows. The program has in its arsenal a good algorithm for scanning the system of not only installed programs, but also those that have been deleted long ago (leftovers and 'tails', erroneous entries in the registry, which can affect the speed of work Windows).

Figure:  4. Revo Uninstaller - main window

Figure: 4. Revo Uninstaller – main window

By the way, many recommend installing such a utility as one of the first, after installing a new one Windows. Thanks to the “hunter” mode, the utility is able to service all the changes that occur to the system when installing and updating any programs! Thanks to this, you can remove the faulty application at any time and return your computer to its previous working state.

Bottom line: in my humble opinion, Revo Uninstaller offers the same functionality as Geek Uninstaller (except that it is more convenient to use it – there are convenient sorters: new programs that have not been used for a long time, etc.).


That's all. All the best?

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