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game-to-video recording Good day.

Almost everyone who played computer games at least once wanted to record some moments on video and show their successes to other players. This task is quite popular, but those who have encountered it know that it is often difficult to accomplish: sometimes the video slows down, then it is impossible to play during recording, the quality is bad, then the sound cannot be heard, etc. (hundreds of problems).

At one time I ran into them, and I:) … Now, however, I play less (apparently, there is simply not enough time for everything), but some thoughts remained from that time. Therefore, this post will be entirely aimed at helping game lovers, and those who like to make various videos from gaming moments. Here I will give the best programs for recording video from games, I will also give some tips on choosing settings when capturing. Let's get started …

Addition! By the way, if you want to record video simply from the desktop (or in any programs other than games), then it is more advisable for you to use the following article: https: //

TOP 10 programs for recording games on video


Website: http: //

Fraps logo

I'm not afraid to say that this is (in my opinion) the best video recording software for ANY games! The developers have introduced a special codec into the program, which practically does not load the computer's processor. Thanks to this, during the recording process, you will not have slowdowns, freezes and other 'delights' that often occur during this process.

However, due to the use of this approach, there is also a drawback: the video, although compressed, is very weak. Thus, the load on the hard disk increases: for example, to record 1 minute of video, you may need several free gigabytes! On the other hand, modern hard drives are quite capacious, and if you often record videos, then 200-300 GB of free space can solve this problem (the main thing is to have time to process and compress the received videos).

Video settings are flexible enough:

  • you can specify a hot button: by which the video recording will start and stop;
  • the ability to set the folder to save the received videos or screenshots;
  • the ability to select FPS (the number of frames per second to be recorded). By the way, although it is believed that the human eye perceives 25 frames per second, I still recommend recording at 60 FPS, and if your PC slows down with this setting, reduce the parameter to 30 FPS (the more FPS, the picture will be look smoother);
  • Full-size and Half-size – record in full screen mode without changing the resolution (or automatically halve the resolution when recording). I recommend setting this setting to Full-size (so the video will be of very high quality) – if the PC slows down, then set the Half-size;
  • in the program, you can also set a sound recording, select its source;
  • it is possible to hide the mouse cursor.

Fraps - recording menu

Fraps – recording menu

2) Open Broadcaster Software

Website: https: //

OBS - logo

This program is often referred to simply as OBS (OBS is a simple abbreviation of the first letters). This program is a kind of opposite to Fraps – it can record videos, compressing them well (one minute of video will weigh not a few GB, but only a dozen or two MB).

It is very easy to use. After installing the program, you just need to add a recording window (see 'Sources', screenshot below. The game must be started before the program!), And click the 'Start recording' button (to stop the 'Stop recording'). It's that simple!

OBS - recording process

OBS is the recording process.

Main advantages:

  • video recording without brakes, lags, glitches, etc .;
  • a huge number of settings: video (resolution, number of frames, codec, etc.), audio, plugins, etc.;
  • the ability not only to record video to a file, but also to broadcast online;
  • completely Russian translation;
  • free;
  • the ability to save the resulting video on a PC in FLV and MP4 formats;
  • Support Windows 7, 8, 10.

In general, I recommend trying it to everyone who is not familiar with it. Moreover, the program is completely free!

3) PlayClaw

Website: http: //


A fairly multifunctional program for recording games. Its main feature (in my opinion) is the ability to create overlays (for example, thanks to them, you can add various fps sensors to the video, load on the processor, clock, etc.).

It is also worth noting that the program is constantly being updated, various functions appear, a huge number of settings (see screen below). It is possible to broadcast your game online.

PlayClaw - video setup

The main cons:

  • – the program does not see all games;
  • – sometimes the program hangs inexplicably and the recording gets corrupted.

All in all, well worth a try. The resulting videos (if the program works as needed on your PC) are dynamic, beautiful and clean.

4) Mirillis Action!

Website: https: //

Action! - main window

A very powerful program for recording video from games in real time (it also allows you to create broadcasts of the recorded video to the network). In addition to capturing video, there is also the ability to create screenshots.

It is worth saying a few words about the non-standard interface of the program: previews for video and audio recordings are shown on the left, and settings and functions on the right (see screenshot below).

Action! - The main window of the program

Action! The main window of the program.

Key features of Mirillis Action !:

  • the ability to record both the entire screen and a separate part of it;
  • several formats for recording: AVI, MP4;
  • frame rate adjustment;
  • the ability to record from video players (many other programs just show a black screen);
  • the possibility of organizing a 'live broadcast'. In this case, you can adjust the number of frames, bit rate, window size online;
  • audio capture is carried out in the popular WAV and MP4 formats;
  • screenshots can be saved in BMP, PNG, JPEG formats.

As a whole, the program is quite decent, it fulfills its functions. Although not without drawbacks: in my opinion the choice of some resolutions (non-standard) is lacking, quite significant system requirements (even after the 'shamanism' with the settings).

5) Bandicam

Website: https: //

Bandicam - logo

Universal program for capturing video in games. It has a wide variety of settings, is easy to learn, has some of its own algorithms for creating high-quality videos (available in the paid version of the program, for example, resolution up to 3840 × 2160).

The main advantages of the program:

  1. Records video from almost any game (though, it should be said right away that the program does not see some relatively rare games);
  2. Well-thought-out interface: it is convenient to use, and most importantly, it is easy and quick to figure out where and what to press;
  3. A wide variety of video compression codecs;
  4. Possibility to fix video, during the recording of which various errors occurred;
  5. A wide variety of settings for recording video and audio;
  6. The ability to create presets: to quickly change them in different cases;
  7. The ability to use a pause when recording video (in many programs there is no such function, and if there is, it often works incorrectly).

Bandicam - main window

Cons: the program is paid, and it costs quite a lot (according to Russian realities). Unfortunately, the program does not 'see' some games.

6) X-Fire

Website: http: //


This program is slightly different from the others on this list. The fact is that in fact it is 'ICQ' (its kind, intended exclusively for game lovers).

The program supports several thousand of all kinds of games. After installation and launch – it will scan your Windows and find installed games. Next, you will see this list and finally understand 'all the delights of this software'.


X-fire, in addition to convenient chat, has a browser, voice chat, the ability to capture video in games (and indeed everything that happens on the screen), the ability to create screenshots.

Among other things, X-fire can broadcast video on the Internet. And, lastly, by registering in the program – you will have your own Internet page with all the records in the games!

7) Shadowplay

Site: http: //


New thing from NVIDIA – ShadowPlay technology allows you to automatically record video from a variety of games, while the load on your PC will be minimal! Plus, this app is completely free.

Thanks to special algorithms, recording in general has practically no effect on your playing process. To start recording – you just need to press one 'hot' key.

Key features:

  • – several recording modes: manual and Shadow Mode;
  • – accelerated video encoder H.264;
  • – minimum load on the computer;
  • – recording in full screen mode.

Cons: the technology is available only to owners of a certain line of NVIDIA video cards (see the requirements on the manufacturer's website, link above). If you have a non-NVIDIA graphics card, take a look at Dxtory (below).

8) Dxtory

Website: http: //


Dxtory is an excellent program for recording game video, which can partially replace ShadowPlay (which I mentioned above). So if your video card is not from NVIDIA – do not despair, this program will solve the problem!

The program allows you to record video from games that support DirectX and OpenGL. Dxtory is a kind of alternative to Fraps – the program has an order of magnitude more recording settings, while it also has a minimum load on the PC. On some machines, it is possible to achieve a fairly high speed and quality of recording – some assure that even higher than in Fraps!

Dxtory - Main window

Key advantages of the program:

  • – high speed recording, both full-screen video, and its separate part;
  • – video recording without loss of quality: the unique Dxtory codec records the original data from the video memory without altering or editing them in any way, so the quality is the same as you see on the screen – 1 in 1!
  • – VFW codec is supported;
  • – Ability to work with several hard disks (SSD) at once. If you have 2-3 hard drives, then you can record videos at even higher speed and with higher quality (and you don't need to bother with any special file system!);
  • – the ability to record audio from a variety of sources: you can record from 2 or more sources at once (for example, record background music and speak into the microphone along the way!);
  • – each sound source is recorded in its own audio track, thanks to which, later, you can edit exactly what you need!

9) Free Screen Video Recorder


Free screen recorder

A very simple and free program for recording video and taking screenshots. The program is made in the style of minimalism (i.e. here you will not find any colorful and large designs, etc.), everything works quickly and easily.

First, select the recording area (for example, the entire screen or a separate window), then simply press the record button (red circle record). Actually, when you want to stop – the stop button stop record or the F11 key. I think you can easily figure out the program without me :).

Program features:

  • – record any actions on the screen: watching videos, playing games, working in various programs, etc. Those. everything that will be shown on the screen will be recorded in a video file (important: some games are not supported, you will just watch the desktop after recording. Therefore, I recommend that you first test the operation of the software before a large recording);
  • – the ability to record speech from a microphone, speakers, enable monitoring and recording of cursor movement;
  • – the ability to select at once 2-3 windows (and more);
  • – record video in the popular and compact MP4 format;
  • – the ability to create screenshots in BMP, JPEG, GIF, TGA or PNG format;
  • – the ability to autoload along with Windows;
  • – highlighting the mouse cursor, if you need to highlight some action, etc.

Among the main disadvantages: I would single out 2 things. Firstly, some games are not supported (i.e. need to be tested); secondly, when recording in some games, there is a 'jitter' of the cursor (of course, this does not affect the recording, but it can be distracting during the game). Otherwise, the program leaves only positive emotions …

10) Movavi Game capture

Site: http: //

Game Capture

The last program in my review. This product from the famous Movavi company combines several great things at once:

  • easy and fast video capture: you only need to press one F10 button during the game to start recording;
  • high quality video capture at 60 FPS in full screen mode;
  • the ability to save video in several formats: AVI, MP4, MKV;
  • the recorder used in the program does not allow freezes and lags (at least, according to the developers). In my experience, the program is quite demanding, and if it slows down, then it is rather difficult to configure it so that these brakes disappear (like, for example, the same Fraps – reduced the frame rate, picture size, and the program works even on very weak machines).

By the way, Game Capture works in all popular versions Windows: 7, 8, 10 (32/64 bits), fully supports the Russian language. It should also be added that the program is paid (before purchasing, I recommend testing it thoroughly to understand whether your PC can handle it).

That's all for me today. Good games, good recordings, and interesting videos! For additions on the topic – a separate merci. Good luck!

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