The best smartphones of 2020 under 35 thousand rubles


Now the requirements for smartphones are very high, the gadget should be able to literally everything. Prices for such devices are appropriate, and for flagships they reach 100 thousand rubles. However, there are models that are in no way inferior to more expensive ones, they are recognized as the best this year.

Realme X2 Pro

The best smartphones of 2020 under 35 thousand rubles

Realme X2 Pro is a smartphone based on Android in a stylish slim case in an unusual blue color. The screen is large enough – 6.5 inches, equipped with a Touch Print system for fingerprint recognition. Also, the device recognizes faces, the screen brightness automatically adjusts to the lighting.

On the back, there are 4 cameras with a resolution of 64 megapixels for obtaining the sharpest pictures. There is also an LED flash. All necessary connectors (for charging, headphones) are made as standard at the bottom, volume control buttons are on the side.

The smartphone supports LTE, has an eight-core processor and 8 GB of RAM. This means that it can handle the most advanced versions of applications and is very fast. The user has 128 GB of internal memory. It is also possible to use two SIM cards.


  • powerful processor;
  • 4 camera lenses;
  • stylish design.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (Pro)

The best smartphones of 2020 under 35 thousand rubles

The smartphone from the beloved Chinese brand is made of durable plastic and presented in three shades (white, green, black). The device supports the operation of two nano SIM cards in alternating mode, as well as contactless payment activated by a fingerprint. 6.47-inch high-resolution display with virtually no bezels.

At the top of the screen is a 2 megapixel selfie camera, and on the back is the main one using 4-lens technology at 108 megapixels. The pictures are of high quality even in the 'macro shooting' and 'super zoom' modes.

Several geolocation systems can be used on a smartphone, which is very convenient, for example, abroad. The standard model has 256 GB of internal memory.


  • camera 108 megapixels;
  • several geolocation systems;
  • large amount of built-in memory.

Honor 20 Pro

The best smartphones of 2020 under 35 thousand rubles

The gadget looks very stylish and is presented in several 'phantom' shades (chameleon). Body material – metal and glass, operating system – android. The diagonal screen is 6.26 inches, in the upper left corner is the front camera. Its distinctive feature in comparison with analogs is a high resolution of 32 megapixels. The four rear cameras have a resolution of 48MP and good stabilization.

This model keeps a charge for a long time due to the large battery capacity, supports voice control. You can choose the required amount of built-in memory, the less – the cheaper. The most popular option among users is 256 GB.


  • high resolution front camera;
  • there are several options for the amount of built-in memory;
  • support for voice control.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

The best smartphones of 2020 under 35 thousand rubles

The case with clear lines is protected by a special glass from scratches, there are three colors. The manufacturer releases its smartphones with an operating system Android. This model supports 2 SIM cards and provides the highest quality communication. One of the SIM card slots can be used for an additional memory card.

The screen is large enough – 6.7 inches, it houses a fingerprint scanner. The device has only 4 cameras: three rear and one front. The amount of RAM is 6 GB, and the built-in memory is 128 GB. At the top is the proximity sensor that locks the screen during a call. The time of use without recharging is 14 hours in operating mode.


  • it is possible to use a memory card;
  • large screen;
  • protection from scratches.


The best smartphones of 2020 under 35 thousand rubles

With such a smartphone, you can not be afraid to be in any conditions. Shockproof housing with moisture protection. The device constantly maintains communication with the satellite and has several geolocation systems, provides an LTE signal in all frequency ranges. The diagonal of the screen is 5 inches, there is both a front and rear camera of 13 megapixels.

Built-in memory 32 GB, RAM – 3 GB, you can also use a memory card. The device is capable of being switched on in standby mode for a record 44 days, and in talk mode – more than a day. The battery is equipped with a fast and contactless charging system. There is also a proximity sensor, a compass, the ability to dial and control voice commands.

Unlike previous models, this smartphone has mechanical buttons on the bottom of the case, so it can be operated even in cold weather.


  • military level of protection;
  • the phone can work for a very long time without recharging;
  • constant communication with the satellite.

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