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watch-video-without-codecs Good afternoon.

When the question is about video, then relatively often I heard (and continue to hear) the following question: 'how to watch video files on a computer if it does not have codecs?' (by the way, about codecs:

This is especially true when there is no time or opportunity to download and install codecs. For example, you made a presentation and are carrying several video files to it on another PC (and God knows what codecs and what it has and will be at the time of the demonstration).

Personally, I took with me on a flash drive, in addition to the video that I wanted to show, also a couple of players that could play a file without codecs in the system.

In general, of course, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of players and players for video playback now, there are several dozen really good among them. But those that can play video without installed codecs in the OS Windows – in general, you can count on one hand! About them and further speech …

1) KMPlayer

Official website: http://www.kmplayer .com/


A very popular video player, and it's free. Plays most formats that can only be found: avi, mpg, wmv, mp4, etc.

By the way, many users do not even suspect that this player has its own set of codecs, with which it reproduces the picture. By the way, about the picture – it may differ from the picture shown in other players. Moreover, both for the better and for the worse (according to personal observations).

Perhaps another advantage is the automatic playback of the next file. I think many are familiar with the situation: evening, watch the series. The series is over, you need to go to the computer, start the next one, and this player automatically opens the next one itself! I was very surprised by such a pleasant option.

As for the rest: a fairly common set of options, in no way inferior to other video players.

Conclusion: I recommend having this program on your computer, and on an 'emergency' flash drive (just in case).

2) GOM Player

Official website:


Despite its 'strange' and misleading name, this program is one of the best and most popular video players in the World! And there are a number of reasons for this:

– support by the player for all the most popular OS Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8;

– free with support for a large number of languages ​​(including Russian);

– the ability to play videos without third-party codecs;

– the ability to play not yet fully downloaded video files, including broken and damaged files;

– the ability to record sound from a movie, take a frame (screenshot), etc.

This is not to say that such features are not available in other players. It's just that Gom Player has them 'all together' in one product. Other players would need 2-3 pieces to solve the same problems.

In general, an excellent player that will not interfere with any multimedia computer.

3) Splash HD Player Lite

Official website:

player-SPLASH - super-play-no-codecs

This player, of course, is not as popular as the previous two 'brothers', and it is not completely free (there are two versions: one lite (free) and professional – it is paid).

But he has his own couple of chips:

– firstly, its own codec, which greatly improves the video picture (by the way, note that in this article all players play the same movie in my screenshots – the picture is much brighter and clearer in the screenshot from Splash HD Player Lite);

Splash Lite - Picture Difference

Splash Lite is the difference in the picture.

– secondly, it plays all High Definition MPEG-2 and AVC / H. 264 without third-party codecs (well, this is already clear);

– thirdly, ultra-responsive and stylish interface;

– fourthly, support for the Russian language + there are all options for a product of this type (pauses, playlists, screenshots, etc.).

Conclusion: one of the most interesting players, in my opinion. Personally, while I watch the video in it, I test it. I am very satisfied with the quality, now I am looking towards the PRO version of the program …

4) PotPlayer

Official website:


A very, very good video player that works in all popular versions Windows (XP, 7, 8, 8.1). By the way, there is support for both 32 and 64 bit systems. The author of this program is one of the founders of another popular KMPlayer. True, PotPlayer received several improvements during development:

– higher image quality (though this is not noticeable in all videos);

– more built-in DXVA video codecs;

– full subtitle support;

– support for playing TV channels;

– video capture (streaming) + screenshot creation;

– assignment of hot keys (a very handy thing, by the way);

– support for a huge number of languages ​​(unfortunately, by default, the program does not always automatically detect the language, you have to specify the language 'manually').

Conclusion: another cool player. Choosing between KMPlayer and PotPlayer, I personally settled on the second …

5) Windows Player

Official website:


A new-fashioned Russian video player that allows you to watch any files without codecs. Moreover, this applies not only to video, but also to audio (in my opinion, there are still more convenient programs for audio files, but as a fallback – why not ?!).

Main advantages:

  • a special volume control that will allow you to hear all sounds when watching a video file with a very weak sound track (sometimes you come across such);
  • the ability to improve the image (with just one HQ button); change-pictures

    Before turning on HQ / with turned on HQ (the picture is slightly brighter + sharper)

  • stylish and user-friendly design + support for the Russian language (by default, which pleases);
  • smart pause (when you reopen a file, it starts from the place where you closed it);
  • low system requirements for playing files.


Despite a fairly large selection of players that can work without codecs, I still recommend installing a set of codecs on your home PC. Otherwise, when processing a video in some editor, you may encounter an opening / playback error, etc. In addition, it is not a fact that the set with the player from this article will contain exactly the codec that will be needed at a particular moment. Every time being distracted by this is another waste of time!

That's all, happy playback!

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