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Shopping on the Internet is becoming more and more popular every year. People actively shop without interrupting their daily routines. It is very comfortable. Moreover, this kind of shopping saves a lot of money. For users, they come up with various promotions, applications and services for more profitable orders. Cashback sites are very popular.

Such resources are used to process a refund of a part of the money from registered and paid purchases made through the World Wide Web. The best shopping plugins are listed below. They are clearly worth paying attention to if you want to make the most profitable purchases using the Internet.



Aliexpress is one of the most popular Chinese online stores. The best way to make profitable purchases through it is to be able to choose high quality goods at a low cost. Given the volume of the electronic catalog, it is very problematic to achieve the desired result.

However, each user can install a browser extension called AliRadar. You won't be able to find the largest cashback with it, but users will be able to compare products without much difficulty.

AliRadar can:

  • show how many similar products are on the site;
  • how the cost of production changes;
  • display a customer confidence rating for the relevant seller;
  • send notifications about discounts and promotions for selected lots.

Maximum benefit – minimum cost. The extension works automatically, starts and activates after entering the website of the Chinese online store.

Chrome Currency Converter


Chrome Currency Converter is a must-have for every user who prefers to shop online in foreign stores. Especially in those where there is no payment in dollars or euros.

Chromium Carensi Converter is a currency converter. It automatically converts the cost of products into rubles or another currency that the user has marked as 'home'. The utility has nothing to do with sites with cashback, but it turns out to be very useful when making online purchases.

The software is extremely easy to manage. If you wish, you can stop its work to see the initial cost of the goods. Chrome Currency Converter supports a huge number of currencies in its settings.

Yandex.Market Advisor


Another rather interesting and useful extension is the Yandex.Market advisor. The utility assists in finding the best price tag for the selected product. The work is carried out according to the simplest algorithm:

  1. The user selects the product of interest on the website of the online store.
  2. The relevant information is passed on to the Yandex advisor.
  3. The extension searches other web resources for similar products, compares prices and displays detailed information on the screen.

The utility is distributed free of charge. It can be automatically initialized to the computer when Yandex.Browser is installed.



Useful extensions for Chrome and other browsers for online shopping include a package tracking service. For example, Posylka.Net. This utility has a web version as well as a mobile application. Serves to determine the location of the cargo by track number or declaration. You need to specify such data in the extension only once. After that, the data will be automatically updated and displayed on the screen.

Package.No allows you to track shipments from several stores at once. Supports over 200 different postal operators. The utility provides quick access to orders made (for example, through Aliexpress). With its help, users can create bookmarks, as well as quickly go to the sites of interesting online stores.

The extension is distributed free of charge. Available for all internet browsers.



If you want to choose the best cashback, you should use the utility from the site of the same name Smarty.Sale. It is a portal that allows you to get money back from online purchases made in most online stores.

For the utility to work, you will have to register on Smarty.Sail. The extension allows you to:

  • choose online stores with the largest cashback;
  • activate cashback in a few clicks;
  • receive notifications about current promotions, as well as ongoing discounts in stores;
  • instantly search for the required outlets.

The service allows you not only to get cashback, but also to use discount coupons. With them, each purchase will become a little more profitable. The browser extension is easy to manage – you can turn it on and off whenever you want.

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