Technical support for users Windows 7 and 8 from the company Microsoft is terminated

For users of the 7th and 8th versions of the operating system Windows, these are not the best times. In the near future, technical support for the product from its third-party developer, Microsoft, will stop. In other words, all questions about this OS on the Microsoft Community forum will remain unanswered. The innovation will take effect from the beginning of July.

Why Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 and 8

The fact is that the creator company classifies the above product as obsolete. Several more elements from the manufacturer's line are also included here:

  • software Microsoft Band for fitness tracker;
  • a series of Surface devices (tablets of versions Pro, Pro 2, RT and 2), which have delighted with their convenience no less since 2012;
  • popular browser Internet Explorer 10;
  • Office suites (both 2010 and 2013)
  • free Microsoft Security Essentials with its excellent functionality;
  • Zune player.

Computer with Windows

The news dumbfounded a wide range of consumers, so accustomed to comfort and technical support from developers. And yet there is no reason to be upset, because the old one from Microsoft is always replaced by the new one. You just have to wait.

How to be users

To give credit Microsoft, the software giant makes sure it doesn't close its forums and obstruct troubleshooting outdated products. As before, users will retain the right to create threads to share tips and solve problems with common forces.

The only thing you need to be prepared for is that the forum will be moderated in the old fashioned way. This will help avoid flooding and holivar in discussions, maintain order, and maintain a friendly atmosphere during discussions.

Girl behind a laptop

Life experience shows that a long time elapses between the end of support and its final disposal. In the meantime, the 'seven' and 'eight' are on personal computers, there is time to think about updating the software to more advanced versions.

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