SVCHOST.EXE loading the processor? Virus? How to fix?

loads processor Probably many of the users have heard of such a process as SVCHOST.EXE. Moreover, at one time there was a whole epic of viruses with similar names. In this article, we will try to figure out which processes are systemic and do not pose a danger, and which ones need to be eliminated. We will also consider what can be done if this process loads the system or turns out to be a virus.

1. What is this process?

Svchost.exe is an important system process Windows that is used by various services. It is not surprising that if you open the Task Manager (simultaneously on Ctrl + Alt + Del), then you can see not one, but several open processes with this name at once. By the way, because of this effect, many virus writers disguise their creations as this systemic process. it is not so easy to distinguish a fake from a real system process (see paragraph 3 of this article for more on this).


Several running svchost processes.

2. Why svchost can load the processor?

In fact, there can be many reasons. Most often this happens due to the fact that automatic OS update is enabled Windows or svchost – turns out to be a virus or is infected with it.

First, let's disable the automatic update service. To do this, open the control panel, open the system and security section.

Control panel_2013-11-30_13-55-08

In this section, select the administration item.

System and security_2013-11-30_13-55-54

An explorer window with links will open in front of you. You need to open the service link.


In the services we find the 'update center Windows' – open it and disable this service. You should also change the startup type, from automatic to manual. After that, save everything and restart the PC.

Services_2013-11-30_14-04-53 Properties Update Center Windows (Local Computer) _2013-11-30_14-05-01

Important! If after restarting the PC, svchos.exe still loads the processor, try to find out the services that are used by this process and disable them (similar to disabling the update center, see above). To do this, right-click on the process in the task manager and select go to services. Next, you will see the services that use this process. These services can be partially disabled without affecting the operating system Windows. You need to disconnect one service at a time and monitor the performance Windows.


Another way to get rid of the brakes from this process is to try a system restore. It is enough to use even the standard tools of the OS itself, especially if the svchost processor has been loaded quite recently, after some changes or installation of software on a PC.

3. Viruses masquerading as svchost.exe?

Viruses hiding under the mask of the svchost.exe system process can also reduce the performance of the computer.

First, notice the name of the process. Perhaps 1-2 letters have been changed in it: there is no one letter, a number instead of a letter, etc. If so, then it is highly likely that this is a virus. The best antiviruses of 2013 were presented in this article.

Secondly, pay attention in the task manager to the tab of the user who started the process. Svchost is usually always started from: system, local service or network service. If there is something else there – a reason to think about it and check everything thoroughly with an antivirus program.

Thirdly, viruses are often embedded in the system process itself, modifying it. In this case, there may be frequent crashes and reboots of the PC.

In all cases, for suspicions of viruses, it is recommended to boot into safe mode (when the PC boots, press F8 – and select the desired option) and check the computer with an 'independent' antivirus. For example, using CureIT.

Next, update the OS itself Windows, install all the most important critical updates. It will not be superfluous to update the anti-virus databases (if they have not been updated for a long time), and then check the entire computer for suspicious files.

In the most severe cases, in order not to waste time looking for problems (and it can take a lot of time), it is easier to reinstall the system Windows. This is especially true for gaming computers, which do not have any databases, specific programs, etc.

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