Start menu and Cortana app not working (Windows 10). What to do?

critical error Hello.

Each operating system has its own mistakes, unfortunately Windows 10 was no exception. Most likely, it will be possible to completely get rid of most of the errors in the new OS only with the release of the first Service Pack …

I would not say that this error appears too often (at least I came across it personally a couple of times and not on my PC), but some users still suffer from it.

The essence of the error is as follows: a message about it appears on the screen (see Fig. 1), the 'Start' button does not react in any way to clicking the mouse, if the computer is restarted, then nothing changes (only a very small percentage of users assure that after a restart – the error disappeared by itself).

In this article I want to consider one of the simplest ways (in my opinion) to quickly get rid of this error. So…

Figure:  1.

Figure: 1. Critical error (typical)

What to do and how to get rid of the error – step by step guide

Step 1

Press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + Esc – the task manager should appear (by the way, you can also use the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del to start the task manager).

Figure:  2. Windows 10 - task manager

Figure: 2. Windows 10 – task manager

Step 2

Next, start a new task (to do this, open the 'File' menu, see Fig. 3).

Figure:  3. New task

Figure: 3. New task

Step 3

In the 'Open' line (see Figure 4), enter the 'msconfig' command (without quotes) and press Enter. If you did everything correctly, the system configuration window will open.

2015-12-12 08_51_29-msconfig

Figure: 4.msconfig

Step 4

In the system configuration section – open the 'Boot' tab and check the box next to the 'No GUI' item (see Fig. 5). Then save the settings.

Figure:  5.system configuration

Figure: 5.system configuration

Step 5

We reboot the computer (no comments and pictures?) …

Step 6

After restarting the PC, some of the services will not work (by the way, you should have already got rid of the error).

To return everything back to working condition: open the system configuration again (see Step 1-5) the 'General' tab, then put a checkmark in front of the items:

  • – load system services;
  • – load startup items;
  • – use the original boot configuration (see Fig. 6).

After saving the settings, reboot again Windows 10.

Figure:  6.selective launch

Figure: 6.selective launch

Actually, this is the whole step-by-step recipe for getting rid of the error related to the Start menu and the Cortana application. In most cases, it helps to fix this error.


I was recently asked in the comments about what Cortana is. I'll also include the answer in this article.

The Cortana app is a kind of analogue of voice assistants from Apple and Google. Those. you can control your operating system with your voice (albeit only some functions). But, as you already understood, there are still a lot of errors and bugs, but this direction is very interesting and promising. If the company Microsoft manages to bring this technology to perfection – perhaps it will be a real breakthrough in the IT industry.

That's all for me. Good luck to everyone and fewer mistakes?

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