Smartphone gets very hot: 5 proven ways to fix it


The smartphone that replaced the push-button telephone is a computer with a powerful processor that solves complex tasks every day. A slight heating of the case is inevitable, but if it gets too hot, then it is better to fix it.

Smartphone gets very hot: 5 proven ways to fix it

Remove unnecessary programs

It happens that a smartphone gets very hot even when not in use. But that doesn't mean it doesn't work. Programs are constantly connected to the network to check and download new letters, messages, updates, remind of themselves with a notification. The more applications run in the background, the more the processor is loaded, the more the smartphone heats up.

To prevent this from happening:

  1. Close, not minimize, programs you are not using.
  2. Take inventory: check if all downloaded apps are needed. Delete the ones you haven't opened for a long time.
  3. Customize notifications to display only those you cannot miss.
  4. Disable automatic program updates, carry them on demand when the smartphone is freed from other tasks.

Do not overload the device

The longer you talk on the phone, the longer the transmitter works, which is forced to constantly exchange data with the tower. If the signal is weak, for example, on a highway, outside the city, then even more power is required. The smartphone gets very hot during a long conversation.

This happens not only during a conversation, but also during long correspondence, exchange of files, videos, photos. If you use all functions without interruption, the heat will rise. This is harmful for humans – the radiation increases, and for the device – the battery life decreases.

Rest your smartphone after heavy use. If it's hot, set it aside until it cools completely.

Use original charger

Smartphone manufacturers supply a suitable charger for each model. Its characteristics depend on the capacity of the battery. An unknown cable may supply more voltage than necessary and the smartphone will warm up.

Better if suitable chargers are at home, at work, in the car. Then you don't have to borrow unknown people from friends and risk your smartphone. Look at the characteristics on your own device and buy the same additional charger, preferably in the official stores of suppliers, so as not to buy a fake.

Hide your phone from the sun

The body of a smartphone is made of thin plastic, aluminum or glass that heats up easily. The cover will not save you from overheating, but will only strengthen it.

Therefore, leaving the device in the open sun – on window sills, tables outside, on the beach – is dangerous. If you take it with you on vacation, put it away in your bag, under towels and things. Check the screen lock so as not to accidentally open the camera or messenger, then the heating will increase from the running program. Reach out and use only when necessary. Remove again as you feel the heating of the case.

On a hot summer day, do not leave your smartphone in your clothing pocket, the heat from the sun and body will strengthen each other.

Contact the service center

If all measures are taken, but the smartphone still heats up a lot for no reason, then it is better to contact an authorized service center. If the phone is new, diagnostics are free. If a factory defect is found, the device can be exchanged or returned. If it was purchased a long time ago, then the employees will indicate the reason for the heating, what errors in operation led to the breakdown.

The cost of repairing a smartphone is sometimes comparable to buying a new one. Therefore, monitor the temperature of the device, do not use it at full capacity, and use approved chargers.

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