Shadow of the Tomb Raider gets negative reviews over discounts


Users who bought the game at full price are not happy with the publisher's promotion.

We recently announced that the latest installment of Tomb Raider is temporarily available on Steam at a 34% discount for the base edition.

Square Enix's decision to make a fairly large discount on the game, released just a month ago, angered players who purchased Shadow of the Tomb Raider on pre-order or at launch.

As a result, Steam users left a lot of negative reviews on the game's purchase page. The peak of discontent fell on October 16-17, but players continue to add negative reviews now. At the time of publication of this news, the game had 66% positive ratings, which is extremely small for a project of this level.

In addition, Square Enix's attempt to attract additional buyers may backfire. It is possible that players will be wary of buying games from a Japanese publisher at the time of release if there is a chance to do so a little later at a discount.

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