Sending messages via social networks asking to sign a petition: what is the essence of fraud

Online scams are no longer news. Every day, swindlers invent more and more sophisticated ways of deception. One of them is sending out petitions on social networks with a request to sign a socially significant document. In this article, we will tell you more about the essence of the cheating scheme and how to protect yourself from it.

Sending messages via social networks asking to sign a petition: what is the essence of fraud

What is the essence

One evening, while sitting at your computer, you receive a message on a social network. This can be a complete stranger or a friend who was previously hacked into an account.

The person offers to sign a petition, the essence of which can be completely different: from helping a veteran illegally evicted from an apartment to protecting victims of domestic violence or rescuing a dog shelter. Of course, touched by the sentimental story, you follow the suggested link without any questions in order to leave your signature and take part in the fight against injustice. But it's not that simple.

When you follow the link, it turns out that you can leave your vote only after authorization through a valid account on the social network. To enter, you need to enter your username and password. However, after performing the actions suggested by the site, attackers take over your data and hack your account, obtaining all the information stored on it.

These can be copies of passports and other documents, bank card details, passwords from e-wallets and much more. In addition, another option is possible: when you click on the link and enter data, your smartphone or computer becomes infected with a virus, which can lead to device malfunctions.

How not to fall for scammers

In order not to fall for the bait of intruders, do not forget that the site for signing all kinds of petitions has only one address – To gain access to the accounts of gullible users, scammers create clone sites in which the link is slightly modified, but still remains similar to the original. A minimum of personal information is required to sign petitions. All you may be asked for is your full name and email address.

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