Same music files in different folders. How do I delete duplicate tracks?

duplicate-music Good day.

Do you know which files are the most popular, even when compared to games, videos and pictures? Music! Music tracks are the most popular files on computers. And it is not surprising, because music often helps to tune in to work, and to relax, and in general, it simply distracts from unnecessary noise around (and from extraneous thoughts :)).

Despite the fact that today's hard drives are quite capacious (500 GB or more), music can take up a lot of hard drive space. Moreover, if you are a fan of various collections and discographies of various performers, then you are surely aware that each album is full of replays from others (which are practically no different). Why do you need 2-5 (or even more) identical tracks on a PC or laptop ?! In this article I will give several utilities for finding duplicate music tracks in various folders to clean up all the 'unnecessary'. So…

Audi o Comparer


This utility belongs to a rather rare caste of programs – searching for similar tracks, not by their name or size, but by their content (sound). The program works, I must say, not so quickly, but with its help you can pretty much clean up your disk of identical tracks located in different directories.

Figure:  1. Search wizard.

Figure: 1. Search Wizard Audi o Comparer: set the folder with music files.

After starting the utility, you will be presented with a wizard that will guide you through the steps of all the configuration and search procedures. All you have to do is specify the folder with your music (I recommend that you first try on some small folder to hone your 'skills') and specify the folder where the results will be saved (a screenshot of the wizard is shown in Fig. 1).

When all the files are added to the program and compared with each other (it may take a long time, my 5000 tracks were worked through in about an hour and a half), you will see a window with the results (see Fig. 2).

Figure:  2. Audi o Comparer - similarity percentage 97

Figure: 2. Audi o Comparer – similarity percentage 97 …

In the window with the results opposite the tracks for which similar compositions were found – the percentage of similarity will be indicated. After listening to both songs (the program has a built-in simple player for playing and evaluating songs), you can decide which one to keep and which one to delete. In principle, it is very convenient and clear.

Music Duplicate Remover


This program allows you to search for duplicate tracks by ID3 tags or by sound! I must say that it works an order of magnitude faster than the first, although the scan results are worse.

The utility will easily scan your hard drive and present you with all similar tracks that you can find (if you wish, you can delete all copies).

Figure:  3. Search settings.

Figure: 3. Search settings.

What is captivating about it: the program is ready to work immediately after installation, just put a checkmark in front of the folders to scan and press the search button (see Fig. 3). EVERYTHING! Next, you will see the results (see Fig. 4).

Figure:  4. Found a similar track in several compilations.

Figure: 4. Found a similar track in several compilations.



This application also deserves attention, because in addition to the usual comparison of tracks by name and size, it analyzes their content using special. algorithms (FFT, Wavelet).

Selecting folders and starting scanning

Figure: 5. Select folders and start scanning.

The utility also easily and quickly analyzes ID3, ASF tags and, together with the above, can find duplicates of music, even if the tracks are named differently, they have a different size. As for the analysis time – it is quite significant and for a large folder with music – it may take more than one hour.

In general, I recommend it to everyone who is interested in finding duplicates …

Duplicat Cleaner


A very, very interesting program for finding duplicate files (and not only music, but also pictures, and indeed any other files). By the way, the program supports Russian!

What impresses the most about the utility: a well-thought-out interface: even a beginner will quickly figure out how and why. Immediately after starting the utility, you will see several tabs:

  1. search criteria: here specify what and how to search (for example, audio mode and criteria by which to search);
  2. scan path: the folders in which the search will be conducted are specified here;
  3. duplicate files: search results window.

Figure:  6. Scan settings.

Figure: 6. Scan settings (Duplicat Cleaner).

The program left a very good impression: it is convenient and simple to use, many settings for scanning, good results. By the way, there is one drawback (besides the fact that the program is paid) – sometimes, when analyzing and scanning, it does not show the percentage of its work in real time, as a result of which many people may think that it is frozen (but it is not, just be patient :)).


There is another interesting utility – Duplicate Music Files Finder, but by the time the article was published, the developers' site stopped opening (and apparently the utility was no longer supported). Therefore, I decided not to include it yet, but whoever was not satisfied with the above utilities – I also recommend it for familiarization. Good Luck!

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