Runet will be disconnected from the World Wide Web in two weeks


Over the next two weeks, the authorities intend to conduct a test disconnection of the Runet from the global network. The experiment should help overcome the dependence of the Russian segment of the Internet on root DNS servers located in the United States, according to MIT Technology Review.

The source does not specify how long the tests will last and how they will be organized. At the same time, providers interviewed by stated that they had not received any orders from Roskomnadzor in this regard. If such letters are received in the future, the companies are likely to ignore them, since there are no laws in Russia obliging operators to participate in such 'exercises'.

Earlier, we will remind, the State Duma adopted in the first reading a bill on the “sovereign Runet”, providing for the possibility of isolating the domestic segment of the Web from the World Wide Web.

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