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At the moment, the industry of mobile devices is very developed in the world and, as a result, applications for them, from messengers and office programs to games and entertainment. Most of these programs run on the operating systems Android and iOS.

In this regard, Android emulators began to develop quite quickly, which allow you to run mobile applications on a PC.


  • How programs work
  • System requirements
  • Top best emulators for Android
    • BlueStacks
      • Video: BlueStacks Overview
    • MEmu
      • Video: testing the emulator MEmu
    • Genymotion
      • Video: Genymotion emulator
    • Nox App Player
      • Video: Nox App Player emulator overview

How programs work

The operation of any emulator Android is based on reading the structural features of mobile devices and translating application codes for them into computer codes. This applies to both graphics and audio formats, and the emulation process extends to the processor, memory (RAM), and input devices of the computer (such as keyboard and mouse).

In other words, with the help of modern technologies and the development of virtual emulation, you can run both simple and more complex applications for phones or tablets on your favorite computer, for example, with an operating system Windows. Moreover, all this can be done completely free of charge, since the emulator can be downloaded and installed on a computer in a few minutes.

There are also paid versions of programs for running a mobile OS on a PC, but now they are less popular and are needed to perform specific tasks.

The most popular applications for the OS Android at the moment are games for smartphones. There are over a million different games and programs in the official Google PlayMarket store alone. That is why there is a considerable selection of emulators from different developers, each of which has unique features, differences and subtleties in settings and work.

System requirements

Despite the fact that, by modern standards, such device simulators are not too demanding on computer resources and take up very little space on the hard disk, it is still worth paying attention to the minimum system requirements. Considering how rapidly these programs are developing and improving, the requirements for the 'hardware' are changing.

The main factors for the normal functioning of android emulators are the processor power and the amount of RAM. Before finding and installing the program, make sure that the amount of RAM on your computer is 2-4 GB (with a lower parameter, it can be launched, but applications will be unstable), and the processor is capable of supporting virtualization technology.

Android emulator on computer

To run the emulator, you need a good processor and at least 2-4 GB of RAM

In some processors from AMD and Intel, virtualization support may be disabled by default in settings B IOS. For many emulators, the performance of this option is critical. Above all else, be sure to download and install the most recent drivers for your graphics card to improve performance.

In general, the minimum system requirements are as follows:

  • OS Windows from XP to 10;
  • processor with support for virtualization technology;
  • RAM – at least 2 GB;
  • about 1 GB of free hard disk space. Keep in mind that each application installed in the future additionally takes up free space on the HDD.

The recommended system requirements for modern emulators (for example, Bluestacks N) look much more impressive:

  • OS Windows 10;
  • processor Intel Core i5 (or equivalent);
  • video card level Intel HD 5200 and higher;
  • 6 GB of random access memory (RAM);
  • current drivers for the video card;
  • availability of broadband internet access.

In addition, the account must have administrator rights. An ordinary user cannot install the emulator.

Top best emulators for Android

There are many programs for emulating Android – environments, but a beginner faced with such an abundance can get confused. The following are the most common time-tested applications.


The first in the top of modern emulators Android is the BlueStacks program. It is one of the most popular, fast-growing and well-proven tools. Excessive system requirements more than pay off with an excellent, intuitive interface and wide functionality. The program is shareware, has full support for the Russian language and is suitable for most mobile applications.

Bluestacks emulator on computer

Bluestacks is easy to use and user-friendly

The emulator has a good set of features and 'chips' especially for gamers and streamers. These include:

  • the ability to switch to widescreen mode for comfortable play on a large monitor or TV;
  • changing the screen orientation of the emulated device;
  • imitation of shaking;
  • GPS simulator;
  • convenient and understandable work with files and creating screenshots;
  • joystick support;
  • the ability to make calls and send SMS;
  • convenient synchronization of a smartphone with a PC;
  • MacOSX support;
  • built-in support for online broadcasts on the platform Twitch;
  • the program is completely free, but you can pay for a subscription for $ 2 per month to completely disable ads;
  • launching even complex and demanding games.

The emulator can be confidently advised for beginners, streamers or people who are looking for the perfect option to run gaming applications Android on a computer. You can download the latest version of BlueStacks without registration from the official website.

Video: BlueStacks Overview


A relatively recent emulator from Asian developers called MEmu is also focused primarily on launching gaming applications. High performance along with excellent download speed and interesting functional finds, including automatic issuance of administrator rights (ROOT) for the device.

MEmu emulator

MEmu is a simple emulator focused on running gaming applications

The advantages of using the emulator include a stylish, beautiful and intuitive interface, an extensive selection of settings, easy work with files, and support for gamepads.

Unfortunately, MEmu emulates far from the newest version Android, which is inferior to its previous competitor – the BlueStacks program. However, with most applications, including heavy and difficult to run, MEmu emulator will do just fine, and in some cases even better than its competitors. The program is available for download on the official website.

Video: testing the emulator MEmu


The emulator called Genymotion differs significantly from its predecessors, since it can emulate not only the operating system itself Android, but also a very extensive set of real-life devices.

By and large, the Genymotion program was created specifically for testing Android applications and is most suitable for developers of this kind of software, including games. The emulator also supports hardware graphics acceleration, it works very smartly, but the compatibility with gaming applications is rather low. Many games, especially highly demanding and complex ones, are simply not supported by this emulator.

Also, the unambiguous disadvantages of Genymotion include the lack of support for the Russian language.

The undoubted advantage of the program is the ability to choose the model of the emulated device and the version Android, which will be useful for software developers, who are, in fact, the main audience of the emulator. When choosing any of the devices, it is possible to configure and easily edit its corresponding characteristics, including the video chip, the number of cores, the processor, the resolution and screen size, the amount of RAM, GPS, battery and much more.

Emulator Android Genymotion

In Genymotion, you can choose the version of Android

Thus, any developer will be able to test the operation of his application, for example, when the GPS is turned on or off, to find out how, for example, a game will behave when the Internet is turned off and much more.

Among the advantages of Genymotion are support for popular platforms – Windows, Linux and MacOSX.

You can download the program from the website, but preliminary registration is required. Both lightweight free and advanced paid versions of the emulator are supported.

The set of functions in the free version of the program will be enough for an ordinary user. Please note that to improve performance and prevent malfunctions, it is recommended to download the version of the distribution kit with VirtualBox included.

Video: Genymotion emulator

Nox App Player

Not so long ago, an emulator from Chinese developers has already proven itself among other competitors on the market. The program definitely deserves high marks, and some even consider it the best. Everything works great even with the new version Windows 10, the emulator has good compatibility with many applications, as well as high performance, user-friendly interface and a wide range of settings.

By clicking on the gear icon, and then going to the tab called Advanced, you can change the resolution in which the emulator will run, as well as many options, including performance settings, getting root rights in just one click and much more.

Installs Nox App Player in just a few minutes. Google Play Market is preinstalled in the shell, which, of course, is quite convenient.

Emulator Android Nox App Player

Nox App Player is one of the new emulators with Google Play Market preinstalled

And also the pluses include the ability to emulate a GPS receiver, due to which you can play, for example, the popular Pokemon GO game some time ago, just sitting at home at your personal computer. In addition, you can take screenshots and record videos.

However, do not forget about the cons of the utility. These include:

  • lack (possibly temporary) support for other operating systems, except Windows;
  • Android is not emulated by the newest version, but only 4.4.2. This is quite enough to run most applications and even resource-demanding games, but nevertheless MEmu and Bluestacks today emulate much more recent OS versions Android;
  • if the emulator fails to start, you need to create a new user Windows using only English characters or rename the existing one;
  • in some games the graphics may be displayed somewhat incorrectly.

In general, Nox App Player is an emulator, which, although not without flaws, seems to have collected all the best from its fellows.

Video: Nox App Player emulator overview

Thanks to emulators, installing and using mobile applications for different versions of Android is no longer a problem. Modern tools are able to reproduce on a computer completely any version of the shell Android and ensure the launch of your favorite programs.

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