Recording video with sound from a computer screen: an overview of the software

Hello. Better to see once than hear a hundred times ?

This is exactly what a popular saying goes, and perhaps it is correct. Have you ever tried to explain to a person how to perform certain actions on a PC, without using videos (or pictures)? If you just explain on the 'fingers' what and where to press – 1 person out of 100 will understand you!

It's a completely different matter when you can record what is happening on your screen and show it to others – so you can explain what and how to press, as well as brag about your work or play skills.

In this article, I want to focus on the best (in my opinion) programs for recording video from a screen with sound. So…


  • Screen Camera
  • iSpring Free Cam
  • FastStone Capture
  • Ashampoo snap
  • UVScreenCamera
  • Fraps
  • CamStudio
  • Camtasia Studio
  • Free Screen Video Recorder
  • Total Screen Recorder
  • HyperCam
  • Bandicam
  • Bonus: oCam Screen Recorder
    • Table: program comparison

Screen Camera

Website: (the browser may swear at an unsecured connection, do not be alarmed)

The name speaks for itself – this is software from a Russian company for recording video from a monitor screen. The program immediately meets the user with a natively understandable interface and offers to start recording, or open an old project. What's super useful is that the start menu has an 'Online Tutorial' item that takes you to the developer's site with a bunch of related articles. Although, in fact, there is not much to deal with there – you press 'Screen Recorder' and go ahead.

Screen of the program Screen Camera

  • The program can record anything: games, videos, streams, just work with documents
  • You independently select the screen range that will be recorded with the mouse
  • The editing window opens immediately after recording, where you can quickly correct the captured video
  • If you have captured something extra, you can cut it right in the program
  • For a spectacular start, you can choose one of the template screensavers and add to your taste
  • There is also a built-in collection of good background music
  • It is possible to upload videos directly to YouTube
  • Recorded videos can be converted to almost all known formats for different devices.

In general, this is a great program for those who are too lazy to deal with complex functionality. I will note the editorial menu – it is convenient and saves time. Plus it's nice, of course, that our guys don't chase the West and make software in Russian.

iSpring Free Cam


iSpring free cam

Despite the fact that this program appeared not so long ago (relatively), it immediately surprised (on the good side :)) with its several chips. The main thing, perhaps, is that it is one of the simplest tools among analogs for recording video of everything that happens on a computer screen (well, or a separate part of it). What is most pleasing about this utility is that it is free and there are no inserts into the file (i.e. not a single shortcut about which program this video was made in and other 'garbage'. Sometimes such things take up half screen when viewing).

Main advantages:

  1. to start recording, you need to: select an area and press one red button (screenshot below). To stop recording – 1 Esc button;
  2. the ability to record sound from a microphone and speakers (headphones, in general, system sounds);
  3. the ability to record the movement of the cursor and its clicks;
  4. the ability to select the recording area (from full-screen mode to a small window);
  5. the ability to record from games (although the description for the software does not mention this, but I myself turned on full-screen mode and launched the game – everything was recorded perfectly);
  6. there are no inserts in the image;
  7. Russian language support;
  8. the program works in all versions Windows: 7, 8, 10 (32/64 bits).

The screenshot below shows how the recording window looks like.

video recording, window selection

Everything is concise and simple: to start recording – just press the red round button, and when you decide it's time to end the recording – the Esc button. The resulting video will be saved to the editor, from which you can immediately save the file in WMV format. Convenient and fast, I recommend it!

FastStone Capture


2016-03-26 07_42_56-faststone

A very, very interesting program for creating screenshots and videos from your computer screen. Despite its small size, the software has quite significant advantages:

  • when recording, a very small file size is obtained with high quality (by default, it presses in the WMV format);
  • there are no extraneous inscriptions and other debris on the image, the image is not blurred, the cursor is highlighted;
  • supports 1440p format;
  • supports recording with sound from a microphone, from sound in Windows, or simultaneously from both sources at once;
  • starting the recording process is as easy as shelling pears, the program does not 'torment' you with a mountain of messages about certain settings, warnings, etc .;
  • takes up very little space on your hard drive, and there is also a portable version;
  • supports all new versions Windows: XP, 7, 8, 10.

In my humble opinion, this is one of the best software: compact, does not load the PC, the image is of high quality, the sound is also. What else is needed!?

Start recording from the screen (everything is simple and visual).

Start recording from the screen (everything is simple and visual)!

Ashampoo snap


Ashampoo – the company is famous for its software, the main feature of which is focus on the novice user. Those. dealing with programs from Ashampoo is quite simple and easy. Ashampoo snap is no exception to this rule.

Snap is the main window of the program.

Snap – main program window

Key features:

  • the ability to create collages from several screenshots;
  • video capture with and without sound;
  • instant capture of all visible windows on the desktop;
  • support Windows 7, 8, 10, hijacking a new interface;
  • the ability to use the color dropper to capture colors from various applications;
  • full support for 32-bit images with transparency (RGBA);
  • the ability to capture by timer;
  • automatic addition of watermarks.

In general, in this program (in addition to the main task within which I added it to this article) there are dozens of very interesting features that will help you not only make a recording, but also bring it to a high-quality video that you are not ashamed to show to other users.



Great software for quickly and efficiently creating demonstration training videos and presentations from your PC screen. Allows you to export video in many formats: SWF, AVI, UVF, EXE, FLV (including GIF animation with sound).

UVScreen camera.

UVScreen camera.

Can record everything that happens on the screen, including mouse cursor movements, mouse clicks, keyboard presses. If you save the movie in UVF format ('native' for the program) and EXE, you get a very compact size (for example, a 3-minute movie with a resolution of 1024x768x32 takes 294 KB).

Among the disadvantages: sometimes the sound may not be recorded, especially in the free version of the program. Apparently, the instrument does not recognize external sound cards well (this does not happen with internal ones).

Expert opinionAndrey PonomarevA professional in setting up, administering, reinstalling any programs and operating systems of the family Windows. Ask an expert

It should be noted that many video files on the Internet in the .exe format can contain viruses. That is why you need to be extremely careful when downloading and even opening such files.

This does not apply to the creation of such files in the 'UVScreenCamera' program, since you yourself create a 'blank' file that you can share with another user.

This is very convenient: you can run such a media file even without installed software, since your own player is already 'built in' into the resulting file.



The best program for recording video and creating screenshots from games (I emphasize, it is from games, you cannot simply remove the desktop with it)!

Fraps - recording settings.

Fraps – recording settings.

Its main advantages:

  • its own codec is built-in, which allows you to record video from the game even on a weak PC (however, the file size is large, but nothing slows down and does not freeze);
  • the ability to record sound (see screenshot below 'Sound Capture Settings');
  • the ability to choose the number of frames;
  • recording video and screenshots by pressing hot keys;
  • the ability to hide the cursor while recording;
  • free.

In general, for a gamer – the program is simply irreplaceable. The only drawback is that it takes a lot of free hard disk space to record a large video. Also, later, this video will need to be compressed or edited to 'move' it into a more compact size.



A simple and free (but at the same time effective) tool for recording what is happening from the PC screen to files: AVI, MP4 or SWF (flash). Most often, it is used when creating courses and presentations.



Main advantages:

  • Codec support: Radius Cinepak, Intel IYUV, Microsoft Video 1, Lagarith, H.264, Xvid, MPEG-4, FFDshow;
  • Capture not only the entire screen, but also a separate part of it;
  • Ability to annotate;
  • The ability to record sound from a PC microphone and speakers.


  • Some antiviruses find the file suspicious if written in this program;
  • There is no support for the Russian language (at least the official one).

Camtasia Studio


One of the most famous programs for this task. It implements dozens of various options and capabilities:

  • support for many video formats, the resulting file can be exported to: AVI, SWF, FLV, MOV, WMV, RM, GIF, CAMV;
  • the ability to prepare high-quality presentations (1440p);
  • based on any video, you can get an EXE file, which will have a built-in player (useful to open such a file on a PC where there is no such utility);
  • can apply a number of effects, can edit individual frames.

2016-03-26 08_09_14-camtasia

Camtasia Studio.

Among the disadvantages, I would highlight the following:

  • paid software (some versions insert labels over the image until you buy the software);
  • sometimes it is difficult to adjust to avoid the appearance of blurry letters (especially with a high quality format);
  • you have to 'suffer' with the video compression settings in order to achieve the optimal file size at the output.

If we take it as a whole, then the program is not very bad and it is not in vain that it is the leader in its market segment. Despite the fact that I criticized her and do not really support her (due to my rare work with video), I definitely recommend it for acquaintance, especially for those who want to professionally create a video (presentations, podcasts, training, etc.).

Free Screen Video Recorder


A minimalist instrument. At the same time, it is a powerful enough program for capturing the screen (everything that happens on it) in AVI format, and images in formats: BMP, JPEG, GIF, TGA or PNG.

One of the main advantages is that the program is free (while other similar tools are shareware and will require a purchase after a certain time).

Free Screen Video Recorder.

Free Screen Video Recorder – program window (there is nothing superfluous here!).

Of the shortcomings, I would single out one thing: when recording a video in a game, most likely you will not see it – there will be just a black screen (albeit with sound). For capturing games, it is better to choose Fraps (see about it a little higher in the article).

Total Screen Recorder

Not a bad utility for recording an image from the screen (or a separate part of it). Allows you to save a file in formats: AVI, WMV, SWF, FLV, supports audio recording (microphone + speakers), mouse cursor movements.

Total Screen Recorder - program window.

Total Screen Recorder – program window.

It can also be used to capture video from a webcam while communicating through programs: MSN Messenger, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, TV tuners or streaming video, as well as to create screenshots, training presentations, etc.

Among the disadvantages: there is often a problem with sound recording on external sound cards.

Expert opinionAndrey PonomarevA professional in setting up, administering, reinstalling any programs and operating systems of the family Windows. Ask an expert

The official website of the developer is unavailable, the Total Screen Recorder project is frozen. The program is available for download on other sites, but the content of the files must be carefully checked so as not to catch a virus.



2016-03-26 09_55_00-Start capture

HyperCam – program window.

Not a bad utility for recording video and audio from a PC to files: AVI, WMV / ASF. You can also capture the actions of the entire screen or a specific selection.

The resulting files are easily edited with the built-in editor. After editing, videos can be uploaded to Youtube (or other popular video sharing resources).

By the way, the program can be installed on a USB flash drive and used on different PCs. For example, they came to visit a friend, inserted a USB flash drive into his PC and recorded his actions from his screen. Mega-Convenient!

HyperCam options.

HyperCam options (there are quite a few of them, by the way).



This software has long been popular with users, which is not affected even by the extremely truncated free version.

Bandicam's interface is not simple, but it is thought out in such a way that the control panel is very informative, and all key settings are at hand.

Screenshot Bandycam

The main advantages of 'Bandicam' are:

  • full localization of the entire interface;
  • correct arrangement of menu sections and settings, which even a novice user can figure out;
  • an abundance of customizable parameters, which allows you to customize the interface as much as possible for your own needs, including adding your own logo;
  • support for most modern and most popular formats;
  • simultaneous recording from two sources (for example, screen capture + webcam recording);
  • availability of preview functionality;
  • recording in FullHD format;
  • the ability to create notes and notes directly in real time and much more.

The free version has some limitations:

  • the ability to record only up to 10 minutes;
  • the developer's advertisement on the created video.

Of course, the program is designed for a certain category of users who need to record their work or game process not only for entertainment, but also as earnings.

Therefore, a full license for one computer will have to pay 2,400 rubles.

Bonus: oCam Screen Recorder


I discovered this interesting utility as well. I must say that it is convenient enough (and also free) to record user actions on a computer screen. With just one click on the mouse button, you can start recording from the screen (or any part of it).

It should also be noted that the utility has a set of ready-made frames from very small to full-screen size. If desired, the frame can be 'stretched' to any size convenient for you.

In addition to video screen capture, the program has a function of creating screenshots.

oCam ...

oCam …

Table: program comparison

Functional Programs
Screen Camera Bandicam iSpring Free Cam FastStone Capture Ashampoo Snap UVScreenCamera Fraps CamStudio Camtasia Studio Free Screen Video Recorder HyperCam oCam Screen Recorder
Cost / License 980r / Trial 2400r / Trial Is free Is free 1155r / Trial 990r / Trial Is free Is free 249 $ / Trial Is free Is free 39 $ / Trial
Localization Full Full Full No Full Full Optional no Optional no no Optional
Recording functionality
Screen capture Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Game Mode no Yes Yes no Yes Yes Yes no Yes no no Yes
Recording from an online source Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cursor movement recording Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Capturing a webcam Yes Yes no Yes Yes Yes no Yes no no Yes
Schedule recording no Yes Yes no Yes Yes no no Yes no no no
Capturing audio Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

This concludes the article, I hope that in the proposed list of programs you will find one that can solve the tasks assigned to it :). I would be very grateful for additions on the topic of the article.

All the best!

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