Programs for video editing in Russian

Programs for video editing in RussianThe World Wide Web is not only a 'virtual library' with a bunch of necessary information, but also a place where people 'upload' their videos filmed on mobile phones or even professional cameras. They can gain up to tens of millions of views, thereby making the creator a widely recognizable personality.

But what to do if there is a desire to spread the material, but there are no skills. Today I will tell you how to edit a video, and I will explain it using the example of both special personal equipment for a computer or laptop, and on online services.


  • 1. How to edit video online?
    • 1.1. Video editing for Youtube
    • 1.2.
    • 1.3. VideoToolbox
  • 2. Programs for video editing in Russian
    • 2.1. Adobe Premiere Pro
    • 2.2 Windows Movie Maker
    • 2.3. Video Editing

1. How to edit video online?

The first on the list is the video hosting 'YouTube', which is probably known to every active user of the network.

1.1. Video editing for Youtube

Consider a step-by-step instruction for editing a video on Youtube:

1. First of all, you have to go to the service – to download the material (one or more). Keep in mind that you will need to log in to Google (for this, create an account if you don't have one);

2. Then, in the right corner of the screen, the 'Add video' function will become available to you, after adding you should publish your work (before waiting for processing);

Programs for video editing in Russian

Programs for video editing in Russian

3. So, you have successfully published the material. Then you should view it, and under the video, find the item 'Improve video', then go;

Programs for video editing in Russian

4. Next, you opened a tab, where a huge variety of tools became available (video cropping, slowing down, rotating, 'gluing and other functions). If you wish, you can even add your own subtitles. A fairly simple interface will help even a beginner understand editing skills, you just need to be patient;

5. To start 'gluing' the video, you need to 'Open YouTube Video Editor' (located next to the 'Trim' function);

Programs for video editing in Russian

7. After finishing editing, you need to 'Create video' (Also in the upper right corner of the screen);

Done, now you should save the resulting video. Since there is no direct save function here, you need to do the following: in the address bar, in front of the site name itself, enter 'ss' (without quotes). As a result, you will go to 'SaveFromNet', and already there you can download your finished video in good quality.

Programs for video editing in Russian

Read more material on how to download a video from Youtube —

The advantages include the fact that the number of megabytes of video that can be downloaded is very large. The advantage is that after the editing is completed, the video will be immediately published on your personal YouTube account, while the disadvantages I would attribute to the lengthy processing and publication of the video (with voluminous videos).


The second service that will help you to edit videos online is a free service in Russian. Also, ease of use, will allow not only to make high-quality video, but also to get a pretty good basis in teaching editing techniques.

1. First you need to download the required file using the 'Select file to download';

Programs for video editing in Russian

2. It should be noted that in this service, as well as on 'YouTube', it is necessary to register, but here registration takes place through one of the existing social networks;

3. Next, we turn to the application of the effects that are present in this program (adding musical compositions, adding filters, where there is a preview function, and so on). As already mentioned, the interface is very clear, so it's not difficult to create a suitable video;

Programs for video editing in Russian

And finally, you need to enter the name of your video, the date of filming and the range of users who can view the result. Then click on 'Make Movie' and download it to your device.

The disadvantages include a small range of effects, but mostly some advantages: a simple interface, quick learning of the program, and so on.

1.3. VideoToolbox

The third service on our list is VideoToolbox. It is worth noting that here, unlike previous services, the interface is in English, but this will not prevent you from understanding all the intricacies of the program.

Programs for video editing in Russian

1. After registration, you will have access to 600 Megabytes of memory for storing personal files, since video editing takes place in a kind of file manager;

2. Next, you need to load the file (or files) with which you will work and, using the context menu, select the required action to be performed;

Programs for video editing in Russian

VideoToolbox provides its users with a wide range of video editing services: a huge number of video formats (including the company's products Apple), video cropping and merging, subtitling, and music overlay. In addition, there is a function for mixing or cutting audio tracks;

The English interface language is the only difficulty that a user may face, and the functionality of the service is not inferior to the two previous services.

I discussed this service in more detail in the article —https: //

Thus, we considered three ways how to edit video for free online, from which we can derive the general advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages: the process takes place without installing additional programs on the computer; services are not demanding on the 'working hardware' and great mobility during installation (you can use a smartphone or tablet);

Disadvantages: less functionality: in comparison with special programs; the need for an internet connection; lack of confidentiality.

2. Programs for video editing in Russian

Now let's talk about programs for editing video in Russian.

The first advantage that can be attributed specifically to programs is multifunctionality, it is she who will allow you to bring all your ideas to life. However, editing software is often paid, and we have a choice between buying and using online services. The choice is yours.

2.1. Adobe Premiere Pro

The first program we'll talk about will be Adobe Premiere Pro. It owes its popularity to the fact that the program allows you to perform nonlinear video editing. The interface language is Russian, use is free. This video editing software is available even for MAC OS. Processes video in real time and there is a multitrack mode. The principle of editing is the same, both for this program and for all others – it is to cut unnecessary fragments and connect all the necessary 'segments'.

Advantages: support for various formats; built-in non-linear editing function; real-time editing; high quality of finished material.

Disadvantages: high system requirements for a PC and the ability to work in trial mode for only 30 days (temporary trial version);

How to work in Adobe Premiere Pro:

1. When you start the program, you will see a window where you need to click 'New project';

Programs for video editing in Russian

Programs for video editing in Russian

2. Next, a working panel will become available to us, where there are five main parts: source files, edited project files, a video preview screen, a temporary panel, where all operations and a toolbar are carried out:

Programs for video editing in Russian

Click to enlarge

  • In the first column, we add all the source files (video, music, and so on);
  • The second is a panel for processed files;
  • The third panel will show you exactly how the final movie will look;
  • The fourth, main one, is the place where the video editing will take place using the toolbar (fifth panel).

The interface, as already mentioned, is quite simple and it will not be difficult to perform three main functions (cut, select the desired material and glue together).

2.2 Windows Movie Maker

The second program is Windows Movie Maker. It is perfect for not particularly demanding users, since it contains only standard video editing or video creation capabilities. It is also worth noting that on earlier versions of the operating system, Windows Movie Maker was built-in and was the main video editing tool for Windows 7 for beginners.

Advantages: simple and intuitive interface, free use of the program, the ability to work with major video formats, create a slide show from photos and presentations, record video and photos from the camera.

Disadvantages: a small range of effects, work only with video editing (there is no 'Cut' function).

How to work in Windows Movie Maker:

The main program window looks like this:

Programs for video editing in Russian

Here you can see four main elements – program menu, control panel, preview window and project window;

The menu contains the following tabs 'Home', 'Animation', 'Visual Effects', 'Project', 'View'. It is with the help of the menu that you can insert various files, add effects and change settings;

1. First of all, in the 'Home' tab, select 'Add videos and photos';

When you select the desired clip, it will appear in two windows – the project window and the preview window;

Programs for video editing in Russian

2. In the right window, you can trim the clip. To do this, place the cursor (press LMB) and select the required fragment. Next, press RMB, and a menu is highlighted, where the tools will be available;

3. In the 'Visual Effects' menu, you can decorate your video, then, 'Save the movie' using the 'Home' menu.

2.3. Video Editing

And the third program that we will analyze will be 'Video Editing'. Here you can create your video in the best quality, and a set of templates with intro to highlight the quality of your video. Editing can be done in any format, and more templates are available in later versions. Quickly trimming video moments and adding special effects are very useful options. Video editing software is supported on Windows 10.

Advantages: a huge number of supported formats and many effects for video, a large number of tools and filters, the interface language is Russian;

Disadvantages: the need to purchase after using the trial version (Attention: the trial version of the program is given only for 10 days).

How to work with Video Editing program:

1. Add video fragments to the timeline (after loading all the necessary videos);

Programs for video editing in Russian

If desired, add photos, screensavers or titles;

Programs for video editing in Russian

Next, open the 'Edit' column and change the text in the credits in the 'Text and Graphics';

Programs for video editing in Russian

Then select the video fragment and use black markers to crop it. Add effects in the appropriate column if desired. In the column 'Improvements' you can change the brightness or saturation;

Programs for video editing in Russian

And the last item will be 'Create Video' (by choosing the appropriate format). Click on 'Create Movie' and you just have to wait. Video editing is over.

Programs for video editing in Russian

All of the above programs and services will help you edit one large video from several videos and add other functions.

Do you know other services or programs? Write in the comments, share your experience.

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