Programs for a weak computer: antivirus, browser, audio, video player

programs for a weak PC Good day!

I would like to devote today's post to all those who have to work on weak old computers. I know from myself that even solving the simplest problems can turn into a big loss of time: files open for a long time, the video plays with brakes, the computer often freezes …

Consider the most necessary free software that creates a minimum load on the computer (in relation to similar programs).


The most needed programs for a weak computer


Antivirus itself is a rather gluttonous program. he needs to monitor all running programs on the computer, check each file, look for malicious lines of code. Sometimes, some do not install an antivirus on a weak computer at all. the brakes are getting unbearable …


2014-03-22 18_18_18-AVAST 2014 _ Free Antivirus - Download antivirus for free This antivirus shows pretty good results. You can download it here.

Of the advantages I would like to highlight at once:

– speed of work;

– fully translated into Russian interface;

– many settings;

– large anti-virus database;

– low system requirements.


2014-03-22 18_32_02-Download antivirus - Avira Free Antivirus Another antivirus that I would like to highlight is Avira.

The link is to the official website.

Works fast even on very good. weak PCs. The anti-virus database is large enough to detect most common viruses. It is definitely worth a try if your PC starts to slow down and behave unstable when using other antiviruses.


The browser is one of the most important programs if you work with the Internet. And your work will depend on how fast it will work.

Let's imagine that you need to view about 100 pages per day.

If each of them will be loaded for 20 seconds. – you will spend: 10020 sec. / 60 = 33.3 min.

If each of them will be loaded in 5 seconds. – then your working time will be 4 times less!

And so … to the point.

Yandex browser

2014-03-22 18_40_18-Download the new Yandex.Browser Download:

Most of all, this browser conquers with its non-demanding computer resources. I don't know why, but it works quickly even on very old PCs (on which it is generally possible to install it).

Plus, Yandex has many convenient services that are conveniently embedded in the browser and you can quickly use them: for example, find out the weather or the dollar / euro exchange rate …

Google Chrome

2014-03-22 18_45_01-Chrome Browser


One of the most popular browsers today. It works quite fast, as long as you do not cover it with various extensions. In terms of resource requirements, it is comparable to the Yandex browser.

By the way, it is convenient to immediately write a search query in the address bar, Google Chrome will find the necessary answers in the google search engine.

Audio player

There is no doubt that any computer must have at least one audio player. Without it, a computer is not a computer!

One of the music players with the minimum system requirements is foobar 2000.

Foobar 2000

2014-03-22 19_50_27-Download foobar2000 and optional components Download:

Moreover, the program is very functional. Allows you to create a bunch of playlists, search for songs, edit track titles, etc.

Foobar 2000 almost never freezes, as it often happens with WinAmp on weak old computers.

Video player

There are dozens of different players for watching movies and videos. Perhaps, only a few combine low requirements + high functionality. Among them I would like to highlight BS Player.

BS player

Programs for a weak computer: antivirus, browser, audio, video player


Works very fast even on weak computers. Thanks to him, users have the opportunity to view high-quality videos that refuse to start in other players, or are played with brakes and errors.

Another exceptional feature of this player is its ability to download movie subtitles automatically!

Video lan

2014-03-22 21_00_32-VideoLAN - Official page of VLC media player, video framework with open source Of. website:

This player is one of the best for watching videos on the net. Not only does it play 'network video' better than most other players, it also puts less load on the processor.

For example, this player can speed up Sopcast.


What programs do you use on weak computers? First of all, I'm not interested in any specific work, but in frequent ones that are of interest to a wide range of users.

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